Not an Auspicious Start

Athena’s first official day of summer vacation? Sick, and heading to the doctor’s for an appointment. Hopefully it will get better from here. I may take her for ice cream in any event. Because, come on. Ice cream fixes everything.

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  1. Ice cream does, indeed, fix everything. Except lactose intolerance.

    Hope Athena feels better soon!

  2. I can see it in her face, having been a Dad to two (now grown) girls. Poor kid. Ice cream and rest.

  3. Hope she feels better soon. And if ice cream doesn’t fix everything, it at least makes it so you’re happy enough to not notice.

  4. Yeah, that used to happen to me every darn summer. Tell her at least this way she gets it out of the way early.

  5. I do hope that she’s feeling better. My mom sometimes used ice cream as a diagnostic tool. If any of us turned down an offer of ice cream, it was time to call the doctor. (Yes, gang, I AM old enough to remember house calls)

  6. I’m so sorry. Sending some virtual chicken soup (to have after the ice cream). I hope she feels better soon.

  7. Aww, Athena. It happened to me every single bloody year. Something to do with all that stress letting up. Roll on the Pecan Praline.

  8. “Because, come on. Ice cream fixes everything.”

    You, sir, are a great dad.

  9. K.W. Ramsey @5: if ice cream doesn’t fix everything, it at least makes it so you’re happy enough to not notice.

    Which, to many, is a working definition of “fixing everything.” ;-)

  10. Some friends of ours from Columbus just came out to visit and sent out some Jenis ice cream ahead of time…that stuff will make anyone feel better! Hope Athena gets well soon.

  11. I like to imagine John coaching her for the picture. “C’mon, look sicker. Feel the sickness. Really let it flow. Can you manage a nose-bubble? Maybe some nausea? What if you read a few blog posts? How about then?”

  12. I felt like she looks last week. But now I’m not! I hope her recovery is as fast…

  13. My kids started out the summer of 09 with two weeks of nonstop illness — almost certainly H1N1. It was a wretched way to start the summer (made worse for Molly by being too sick to go to her best friend’s birthday party).

  14. What is it with all the late spring and summer illnesses going around this year? I hope Athena gets better soon.

  15. Hope some Graeter’s [I hear that’s THE brand over your way] will perk her right up. I’d offer to send some Strickland’s [THE brand hereabouts], but well, it wouldn’t be frozen custard anymore, would it?

    Feel better soon Athena!

  16. Aww, hell. I recognize that face. I still see it when my kid (now 25) gets sick. Usually, lemon sherbet or lemon ice cream helps, best if eaten with many cats curled up on the sofa beside him. Hope Athena will be feeling better soon.

  17. Sorry to hear it, GET WELL SOON! What flavor will the ice cream be, and will it be accompanied by a slice of pie?

  18. Awww, poor kiddo. I hope she feels better soon.

    It sucks to spend even part of one’s precious vacation time being sick.

    On the other hand…woohoo! An excuse to eat some ice cream! (Not that you need one at her age.)

  19. I hope she feels better soon!

    What’s her favorite flavor? I’ve always referred to mine as “chocolate mint” or “chocolate mint chip”. THE brand (imo anyway) out here is Dreyer’s (up north it’s called Edy’s), and when my FIL offered to keep a supply in my inlaws’ freezer, I happily agreed. Imagine my surprise when my FIL told me they “couldn’t find it at the store”. I literally emailed him a picture of the container, cut and pasted straight from the Dreyer’s/Edy’s website. He wrote back, telling me “You said it was chocolate mint, and it’s not! The picture you sent me says it’s ‘mint chocolate chip’!”



  20. Eep! Feel better soon Athena!

    I hope she doesn’t give my kids any ideas, because their first official day of summer is supposed to be spent on the road driving NE (actually pretty close to the abode of Scalzi, if I’m calculating things right).

  21. Unless Visiting Dog(TM) brought the malady to your house, s/he will have the remedy. Spend some time with her and both of you will be back on your game.

    Best wishes for a speedy recuperation and Endless Summer Fun,

  22. I’ve been trying to convince my wife of this fact for years. I don’t even know why we bother stocking the house with medication anymore, when we all know scarfing down a Rolo Ice Bar on a daily basis will keep me healthy for the remainder of my life.

  23. Oh, yuck. Athena, you have my sympathies. Feel better soonest! And tell your dad from me that he has to buy you ANOTHER ice cream as soon as you get well, because of course you couldn’t taste this one properly, what with being sick and all.

  24. With that background, she looks more like your secretary/personal assistant about to give you bad news as you come back from a meeting. Something like this:

    “There’s a goat in your office,” she said.
    “Hmmmm,” he said. “I thought we’d sprayed for those.”
    This got an upward glance, which counted as a victory as these things go. “It brought the Chengelpet brothers with it,” she said.