One Day’s Haul (A Just Arrived Photo Shoot)

One thing about having been away from home for a while is that I’m behind noting what new and interesting books have come into the Scalzi Compound. To illustrate why catching up is sometimes easier said than done, here’s the pile of the books which came in just today: 14 books in 15 volumes (Heaven’s Shadow is represented twice, once in the US version and once in the UK version) and that doesn’t count the box of the latest printing of the mass market paperback edition of Old Man’s War that Tor was kind enough to ship to me.

That said, today was a particularly interesting haul, with new work from Charles Stross, Alastair Reynolds, Neal Asher and Mark Charon Newton, the paperback edition of Charles Yu’s critically acclaimed novel, and an anthology edited by Peter Beagle and Joe Lansdale, among other fine books. I was particularly amused to receive the Asher book because just today I was over at the Amazon UK site and saw it and said to myself “oh, hey, a new Neal Asher book, I’d like to get that one.” And then ten minutes later it was dropped off at the house. Would that everything I wished for were delivered with such alacrity.

(Note that the Newton, the Col Buchanan and the Asher books are all from Tor UK — I don’t know when they’ll be available in the States. But I have them, at least.)

Also pleased to get the new MaryJanice Davidson; she and I share an agent and it’s nice to see an agentmate doing well.

I will be catching up on the rest of my backlog soon I SWEAR, but in the meantime feel free to admire this stack ‘o reading goodness.

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  1. Impressive! I’m eagerly waiting to get my hands on Neal Asher’s “The Departure.”

  2. Off on a tangent – does anyone, (or you John), know a site where I could find a Hardcover copy of Old Mans War other than the original TOR edition? (-Because that cover really isn’t pretty!)
    English edition maybe?

    I have all Johns’ books in hardcover other than this, and my ’07 paperback is falling apart from being read so often.


  3. I particularly admire/envy/covet/will dream of raiding your library for “Rule 34”. Can’t go wrong with some Stross.

  4. John, agree about Neal Asher. Now if we could just get SOMEONE in the States to publish his books here. I’m still waiting for Sable Keech to be published and despair about ever getting to Orbus. Yes…yes, I know I can get them from Amazon UK, but it’s just criminal that his books are not available in the U.S. and would probably be cheaper given that the Euro and Pound is just killing the Dollar right now.

  5. Does anyone know what Rule 34 is about/if it’s any good? Because I loved the Bob Howard stories and I liked the Family Trade series, but I couldn’t stand Iron Sky, Singularity Sky or Accelerando (I despise the Singularity as a concept, which is a large part of it) and I found Halting State’s second-person viewpoint tedious.

  6. You’ve got the what’s what of cool books landing on your doorstep, Stross and Asher? All of your geek readers are slobbering over that stack. Enjoy!

  7. Wait, Stross wrote a book called “Rule 34”? About Rule 34? Really? REALLY?? Dude…

  8. Nice stack of books!

    #14 ” I couldn’t stand Iron Sky, Singularity Sky or Accelerando (I despise the Singularity as a concept, which is a large part of it)”
    -thank christ for that as I was starting to think it was just me.

  9. Can I have the Undead and Undermined when you are done with it please?

    It’s so nice to read paranormal stuff that ISN’T directed at 12 year old girls.

  10. @ #14 – try Stross’s blog (search Charlie Stross), where he is also putting up the first chapters of Rule 34 one a week on Fridays till it’s published…

  11. <— jealous…One day I want books like these to just randomly show up at my house. I'd love to check out the Rule 34 one…and pretty much any of the rest.

  12. John, if you wanted to lend me the Alastair Reynolds I’d get it back to you real quick – really!

  13. OK.. don’t hate me (cause I’ll cry then you’ll feel REALLY bad) if I’m asking you a question that you’ve answered a billion times before…


    Do you actually read all the books that you get?? And if you do when the frak do you have time!?

  14. @Fletcher: “Rule 34” is the sequel to “Halting State,” a book I thoroughly enjoyed. No Eschaton, no Singularity.

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