The United Kingdom Joins the Fuzzy Nation

Dear UK Fans:

Today is the release day for Fuzzy Nation where you are, and I am delighted to say that not only is it available in hardcover version (w00t!), it’s also simultaneously available in electronic version as well, via and the UK iBookstore (and possibly in other places as well — those are just the ones I am completely sure about). It’s also available in audio form as well via Audible. So, basically, however you want it, you can get it. I hope you enjoy it.

As regards the hardcover edition, remember that as the book is coming from the US version of Tor through its distributors there, so if you don’t immediately see it in your local bookstore, you can still order it through them. I’m sure they will be happy to take that order.

8 Comments on “The United Kingdom Joins the Fuzzy Nation”

  1. Cool! And what about signed copies? Any chance of them appearing over here? *hopeful look*

  2. That’s good news indeed John. Thanks for keeping us in the loop over here. Shame there’s no visit this time, as we certainly feel like we miss out on the action when you head off on tour!

  3. Nice to see it coming to Europe.

    However: when can we on the continent of europe buy the kindle version?

    remember: we can’t buy the version, but, neither can we buy the version.
    Any idea of a timeframe?


  4. Just finished reading Fuzzy Nation. I really enjoyed it. It took me a few weeks (with the delay in the middle not relating to the source material, but due to other circumstances.) Once I got back to it, I could not put it down. Good job, Mr. Scalzi. Thank you.