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A Shocking Confession

I’ll just come right out and say it: After 20+ years of being unengaged at best in the world of automobiles outside of their strictly utilitarian purpose of hauling my pasty white ass from Point A to Point B, I’m totally in love with my new car, the Mini Cooper S Countryman All 4. It’s […]

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Di Filippo on Fuzzy Nation

Paul Di Filippo reviews Fuzzy Nation for the Barnes & Noble Review, where he says stuff like this: Taken solely on its own merits, Fuzzy Nation is a jim-dandy, thought-provoking thrill ride. Readers will race through this novel and demand more at the end. Excellent. That said, Di Filippo has some further thoughts on the […]

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How to Have a Writing Career Like Mine

You can’t. Which is not to say you can’t have a career as a writer; maybe you can. But you can’t have a career like mine. Because here’s what you would have to do: 1. Start writing freelance in college. 2. Get a movie critic gig right out of school. 3. Have your second job […]

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Technical Update

The repairman at CenturyLink came out, fixed the phone line, then fixed it again fifteen minutes later when it went dead again, then fixed it again an hour later when it went dead again, and then finally, though whatever alchemy phone repairmen use for such a thing, switched my home phone line and DSL to […]

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Attack of the Cromulent Box Office

This week at FilmCritic.com I take a look at the less-than-genuinely-spectacular box office grosses of some of the summer’s hits and explain why it is Hollywood probably isn’t too horribly concerned (yet). Yes, it’s me getting all wonky about the business side of things, but that’s why they call it “show business,” right? I’m glad […]

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