Di Filippo on Fuzzy Nation

Paul Di Filippo reviews Fuzzy Nation for the Barnes & Noble Review, where he says stuff like this:

Taken solely on its own merits, Fuzzy Nation is a jim-dandy, thought-provoking thrill ride. Readers will race through this novel and demand more at the end.


That said, Di Filippo has some further thoughts on the differences between 1962 (when Little Fuzzy came out) and 2011, and what they mean in the context of my book. They’re interesting points, and you can read the whole thing here. Note: there are some mild spoilers in the piece.

8 Comments on “Di Filippo on Fuzzy Nation”

  1. Nice review. That was pretty much my thoughts when I finished the book, which was fun to read.

  2. I re-read Little Fuzzy after Fuzzy Nation and I hadn’t remembered all the smoking and cocktails. It seemed very Mad Men in that way.

  3. I finished Fuzzy Nation night before last. I enjoyed your voice and H Piper Beam’s mingled together. You really added a depth of personality to Jack that showed the conflicts between his self interest and his support ot the fuzzys. It does feel modern as in set in the real kind of corporate culture we live with now. Good Job.

    now speed up on that bodice ripper romance novel coming out that you mentioned at your Seattle stop of the book tour. I have my bodice all ready.

  4. Read Fuzzy Nation in two happy nights. Never read the original, very much enjoyed your take on it. Some clear Scalzisms. I had hoped you would put the bacon on the turkey, in order to raise the quality of the sandwich

  5. I’m all aquiver with anticipation. My library will have its copies soon, I hope. Sorry John, I’m not buying it, but as a library employee I can sure put it in a lot of hands!

  6. I just finished Little Fuzzy and am now eagerly anticipating having Wil Wheaton read Fuzzy Nation to me. While reading Piper’s original, I was struck by how I enjoyed his writing for the same reasons I enjoyed yours. Now I need to find a copy of Fuzzy Sapiens!

  7. You’re going to put ” jim-dandy” on all you dust jackets now, aren’t you….

  8. I will never forgive Di Filippo for pooping all over Alan Moore’s Top 10. A thumb in his eye!

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