A Close Encounter

It’s probably a good thing for at least one of the creatures involved here that there’s a window between them.

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  1. Hard to tell from the pic how high up they are. I vote for them both being the fortunate one – the bird can fly, the cat can’t. :)

    It does look like a good start to a Tweety/Sylvester-style cartoon…

  2. The starling may be a silly fledgling, with no clue about any possible danger. Or it may be a rude fledgling who was hoping to watch a cat fly over the windowsill onto the ground. You can never tell with those teenager!

  3. Our cats have had a tough week of it too…a lazy fledgling robin spent all of Saturday afternoon perched on a pot on the patio. I’m still wiping “drool marks” off the window sill that overlooks the patio. And let’s not even speak of the taunting chipmonks…

  4. Good for the creature behind the camera…it doesn’t have to deal with any “presents” from the furry one

  5. Lovely picture of the Beauteous She, I especially like the sharpness of focus on her fur. (Or should that be “Her Fur”? Damn my lack of formal religious education)

  6. Is the cat making that funny chattering noise? Mine do that when they’re frustrated by not being able to get the bird.

  7. Yeah, birds will end you if you cross them, and if that happened Chang would be inconsolable.

  8. We have an outdoor kitty that came walking up to us last year while we were working outdoors. Glanced over at him, and did a double-take – he had the tail of a dove sticking out of his mouth, with his mouth closed around the head/body of the bird. We kind of simultaneously blurted out his name in surprise (we really didn’t think this cat would ever manage to catch a bird), and he jumped in shock. Apparently, he must have opened his mouth as he did, because the bird flew away! Leaving behind Tigger, coughing *a bunch* of bird feathers out of his mouth with a really disgusted look on his face, and it looked SO MUCH like some old cartoon…

  9. My husband and his parents used to live in a three-story split-level home, with a Siamese cat and some sort of caged bird. Apparently the cat spent quite a large amount of time staring from an upper floor down to the ceiling where the bird’s cage was attached. To this day, my husband and FIL both swear they saw the lightbulb go off over the cat’s head one day as he began furiously trying to dig through the floor to get to the bird hanging from its cage on the ceiling below. The only thing that stopped him, they tell me, is that he was declawed.

    Hobbes (one of our current three cats) was apparently a stray when the local animal shelter found him. We keep him indoors now, but he still loves staring out the front window of our living room. He’s made several unsuccessful attempts to “catch” birds, squirrels or other cats on the other side of the glass. He also “chatters” excitedly when he sees something interesting on the other side of the glass.

  10. O Great Scalzi, what a superb picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.

    But – this is what you have come up with after an unconscionable six weeks since the last Magnificent She update? Seriously?

    The Executive Committee would say that you could do better, but let’s face it – you can’t. At least not on purpose.


    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – Your caption is inane, but you already knew that, right? [1]

    [1] – Answer helpfully supplied: No.

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