Reminder: San Diego Appearance at Mysterious Galaxy, July 6th, 7pm

Hey, people of San Diego: remember when I was on tour and I didn’t come to your town? Well, it wasn’t because I don’t love San Diego — I really, really do — but because I knew that I would be visiting in the summer and would be doing an appearance then.

And so: I will be at the fabulous Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore on July 6th, at 7pm for your edification and delight. The event is officially described as “Clarion Instructor John Scalzi Discusses the Writing Process,” which makes sense because indeed I will be an instructor at the Clarion workshop this year, and I expect will discuss the writing process, because, hey. Seems to be a popular topic. But I imagine I will talk about other things as well and may even do a short reading and sign books, or what have you. Or I may just talk for an hour on how I think San Diego is the only place on the planet where you can get truly excellent fish tacos. Who knows? You’ll have to come out to see what I do.

So there you are, San Diego. Save the date, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all then.

Nominate for NPR’s 100 Best SF/F Books EVAR

Over on the National Public Radio Web site, the book folks there are soliciting reader suggestions for the 100 best science fiction and fantasy books. And, hey, lots of you read science fiction and fantasy books, right? Sure you do. So head on over and nominate some of your all-time favorites — the NPR folks let you nominate up to five books for inclusion. It should be interesting to find out what makes the all-time list over there.

Back on the Chain Gang + Bookgasm Review

I have a little project that needs to be completed by mid-July, so until it’s done I’m going to be doing my “Don’t play with the Internet until I write 2,000 words/it’s noon” thing, because it’s a pretty effective way for me to actually do my work. Just so you know.

While I’m away this morning, here’s a new review of Fuzzy Nation for you, from Bookgasm, and it says nice things about the book, including this:

This is a reboot that works, and it works in such a way that should make people revisit Piper’s original FUZZY books and draw old-school science-fiction fans to Scalzi’s work… It’s easy to read, accessible, moving and ultimately great.


Back at it for me. I’ll be back later in the day.