Back on the Chain Gang + Bookgasm Review

I have a little project that needs to be completed by mid-July, so until it’s done I’m going to be doing my “Don’t play with the Internet until I write 2,000 words/it’s noon” thing, because it’s a pretty effective way for me to actually do my work. Just so you know.

While I’m away this morning, here’s a new review of Fuzzy Nation for you, from Bookgasm, and it says nice things about the book, including this:

This is a reboot that works, and it works in such a way that should make people revisit Piper’s original FUZZY books and draw old-school science-fiction fans to Scalzi’s work… It’s easy to read, accessible, moving and ultimately great.


Back at it for me. I’ll be back later in the day.

10 Comments on “Back on the Chain Gang + Bookgasm Review”

  1. I totally agree with that review. I just finished Fuzzy Nation and immediately downloaded Little Fuzzy. I consumed that in a single afternoon and went out hunting for more. I had never heard of Piper until you started talking about Fuzzy Nation here but your excellent reboot convinced me to give him a try.

  2. Have a lovely day working on your task and thank you for aiming me to a Pretenders music morning! =)

  3. This was a well timed post to remind me that I should probably be writing 2, 000 words or more before I start getting distracted by The Pretenders or somebody else’s fancy dancy words. Hopefully, your morning was incredibly productive for your ‘secret’ project.

  4. 2,000 words a day would burn me out after three days of doing it. I go for 400 words a day, everyday. But hey, whatever works for you.

  5. You spend the morning being industrious, you finish your work; it’s zombie-killin’ time … and tCLUNKch, there goes the power. Don’cha hate when that happens?

    Glad to hear the pets are safe (for now).

  6. What strikes me most about that video – aside from the fact that it’s a damn good song – is that the part of the London skyline in front of which Chrissie Hynde is posing at the beginning of the clip no longer looks like that at all.

  7. I went through Fuzzy Nation a little while ago, and it’s Fascinating.

    And since I do like to play with words the similarity of pronouncing Fascination and Fuzzy Nation leads me to drifting off in the world of word games.

  8. I finally got around to reading it – Kindle version. It has everything I like about Scalzi. Smart-ass protagonist, good dialogue, meaningful conflict, good pacing. I could quibble about convenient plot elements and too-easy resolution of conficts through all-powerful judge, but it’s truly a quibble and not a major flaw. I quite enjoyed it & can’t wait for the next tidbit John wants to feed us. Go John, go! When do we get that sequel to “The Android’s Dream?” I have to confess, that’s what I’m most anxious to see. Or the next cuh-razy idea that catches John’s attention, that’s bound to be good, too.

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