Reminder: San Diego Appearance at Mysterious Galaxy, July 6th, 7pm

Hey, people of San Diego: remember when I was on tour and I didn’t come to your town? Well, it wasn’t because I don’t love San Diego — I really, really do — but because I knew that I would be visiting in the summer and would be doing an appearance then.

And so: I will be at the fabulous Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore on July 6th, at 7pm for your edification and delight. The event is officially described as “Clarion Instructor John Scalzi Discusses the Writing Process,” which makes sense because indeed I will be an instructor at the Clarion workshop this year, and I expect will discuss the writing process, because, hey. Seems to be a popular topic. But I imagine I will talk about other things as well and may even do a short reading and sign books, or what have you. Or I may just talk for an hour on how I think San Diego is the only place on the planet where you can get truly excellent fish tacos. Who knows? You’ll have to come out to see what I do.

So there you are, San Diego. Save the date, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all then.

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  1. Darn! I’m going to miss you again. My trip to San Diego ends Saturday . . . but your baby sister will be living there now so hopefully she will be able to make it. Love you, Mom

  2. Mr Scalzi, I just want to say that I am delighted your Mom shows up to comment on your blog.

    My mom is still trying to figure out how to email without AOL. We’ll get there eventually.

    (alas, I am on the wrong coast for this event.)

  3. Mysterious Galaxy is great. I hope I’ll be in town that week.

    My aunt introduced me to Rubio’s fish tacos in the mid-80s in San Diego (my home town), and now they’re a nationwide chain. So I’d say you’re right about that.

  4. Pretty great fish tacos in the Mission district in San Francisco, for the record.

  5. See, you say “Fish Tacos” and I hear “Fishstaccios”, the weird snack food that Monica was hired to promote on “Friends”. I am a victim of pop culture. Somehow.

  6. Fantastic! Been waiting for your San Diego visit since you announced it. More fitting since the awesome folks at MG introduced me to Old Man’s War.

  7. So . . .

    Do you plan to start off your visit there by saying, “It’s nice to be here in San Francisco . . .”

    It only seems fair for you to do so, in the interest of balancing things out with the folks in SF. (Evil smile)


  8. John, you are so right about the fish tacos. Not just at Rubio’s either. Try La Salsa as well or go to the South Beach Bar & Grill at Ocean Beach. My sister lives in San Diego, so I get out there at least once a year to visit and scuba dive. One year they had some rain, so there was snow in the mountains to the east. We went diving in the morning and cross country skiing in the afternoon. It was neat to ski to the overlook and look down on the Anza-Borrego desert.
    Have fun in San Diego.

  9. Hi Phil

    Our nevvy is here with his brood of roycelings, and all had varios types of fish tacos at rubios yesterday except Asher, who opted for Health Mex chicken. Told him he wouldn’t actually be allowed to leave San Diego until he had one. Claims he likes them, but in Oregon, with no cabbage. Poor fellow. Has redeeming social valu tho.

  10. I visited San Diego for the first time in April. Rubio’s is good (hopefully they eventually expand to the East Coast), but the best Mexican food I’ve ever had was at El Indio on India Street. Their taquitos and chips are terrific, and everything is made from scratch.Great rice and refried beans, too.

  11. For fish tacos, I like South Beach Bar & Grill in Ocean Beach, but there’s actually a perfectly good place called Cotija’s in the same strip mall as Mysterious Galaxy. And fish tacos aren’t San Diego’s only culinary attraction. There’s also carne asada fries.

  12. Greg, haven’t been to Cotija’s. I’ll have to try that next time I’m in town. Thanks. See John, a good place right near the book store!

  13. Last night at the Mysterious Galaxy writers Group we were coordinating our next meeting, July 5th, and some started to get excited, (we’ve had guest authors before speak to our little group.) sadly we had to point out you’d be there the NEXT night. Bet a lot of us still show up.

  14. “We went diving in the morning and cross country skiing in the afternoon.” Important Safety Tip: Not recommended. Distinct risk of DCS (the bends).

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