Athena was admiring my ukulele and enjoying playing it, so I figured, what the heck. Thus, we are now a two-ukulele family. No doubt soon we will go out on tour as a musical act. Krissy will be our manager. Daisy will work the merchandise table. And the cats, well. The cats will do whatever they want. Because they’re cats, you see.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Why does this remind me of “that Spinal Tapish movie but with folk music, the name I can not remember but could if I would search for but am way to lazy”?

#5, Tsauro, might it be “A Mighty Wind”?

John, I think this might well have been a predictable turn of events, given how awesome you looked in that Ukulele video. But still, father-daughter ukulele duet = super cute!

Oh sure, everyone jumps on the “odd-ball four-stringed instruments” bandwagon well after Diamond David Lee Roth got himself into bluegrass and started playing the banjo…


They say buying ukuleles is addictive–soon you’ll have a wall of ukes, from the Pinapple to the eleuke to the specialty ones made of antique cigar boxes… (Still kicking myself for not getting the gorgeous 6 string when I was last in Hawaii).


While I’m not sure what it is that David Lee Roth learned to play, unless it is aplectrum or tenor banjo, it has 5 strings… or 6 in the case of of a guitar banjo, or maybe one of those seldom seen 15 string jobs. Since you said bluegrass though, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark that is the common resonator 5 string banjo… a very handy instrument to have on hand when the inevitable bar fight breaks out. What with the resonator on the back, and the Metal rings and screws of the tone ring holding the head to the pot, (not to mention the thick walls of the pot), a banjo make a nice hefty weapon to swing at the rowdy locals.

Ya hear that John? When the Locals start jumping up on stage you are really going to wish you had learned to play a banjo… besides you can also use the finger picks as eye gougers in things get too close range. ;-)

Oh… I should mention that you would like to choose metal fingerpicks for the eye-gouging fingers. A) because they are much easier to individual form and B) because they would cause more damage than the cheapy plastic ones. Thumb would make no diff plastic or metal as a personal choice. I prefer metal. (but really, someone in the household needs a banjo… seriously… personal prtection comes in no prettyier a package!). ;-)

I used to have a purple Mahalo ukulele, before I left it on a train at Kings Cross. It sounded really good, considering the price, but only after I’d changed the strings. The cheap plastic ones it came with were rubbish, but upgrading to some nylon Aquilas really did the trick.

Ukuleles have been cool ever since the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (possibly before, but that’s when I became aware of the little stringed wonders):

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