The Obligatory View Out My Hotel Window

And there you are. Enjoy it. In other news, I have quite obviously arrived in New Orleans. Hello!

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  1. I was in New Orleans last November and met a really funny young lady named Kalicia who drives a mule drawn carraige and gives tours of the French Quarter. Very smart, wonderful conversationalist and a talented artist. I highly recommend you take a tour and talk to her, I suspect she is or would be a big fan of your books.

    I also had dinner at Redemption Alley. Neat little hole in the wall restaraunt, it was the first week they were open. The group I was with filled the place.

  2. Napoleon House?
    500 Chartres Street


    Wish I could remember the name or (more specific) address on Magazine Street where we had po-boys.

    Not that those are the only places you can get either.

    New Orleans! Food! Music! History! “My Indian Red!”

  3. Welcome to the Crescent City, John. Looks like you’re staying very close to one of the best restaurants in the City: August. You’re also across the street from Mother’s, which has very good if a little over-priced po-boys. I’m sure you’ve got your meals planned out, but if not those two places are good bets.

    Also, my office is in the large reddish building in the center of your picture, which is neat. Have fun while you’re here, and thanks for coming.

  4. I hope that you and the librarians are having a great time (Is that a band name, or what John Scalzi and the Librarians) I owe my elementary education to librarians. I went to a truly bad school, but fortunately, I also had a branch of the New York City Public Library in my neighborhood, which more than made up for the school. I still think librarians are awesome!

  5. Hey, it’s work! My office is in the overly tall white building in your photo. Hope you had fun here, and ate some good food!

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