Heading Home From New Orleans

Sitting in the airport now, getting ready to get on a plane. Because if I was getting ready to get on a train, man, would I be in the wrong place.

I had a good weekend. How about you?

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  1. Sublime. Wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. I cried when my baby cousin walked down the aisle and ate two whole lobsters and at least 30 fresh oysters and danced until I got side cramps.

    Again: sublime.

  2. About as good as “dealing with a family emergency for 3 months that takes up most of our weekends” can possibly be. I mean that, it is about as good as I could ever hope for. Been one of those moments where there is tragedy but it has united the family and got us much closer.

    Now, I get to mow the lawn. Which sort of brings all the neighbours together — in that we fill the streets with our lawnmowers united moans and roars.

  3. Not too shabby. Got some new gear for my paintball marker and I added some HVAC ducting for our rough-in bathroom, which means it’s ready for drywall!

  4. Painting, painting, painting. Both the bathroom and trim on the front of the house are getting a coat. Prepping for a very nifty vacation next week as well!

  5. “…if I was getting ready to get on a train, man, would I be in the wrong place.”

    On the other hand, your plane probably isn’t going to be called The Spirit of New Orleans.

  6. I imagine you you start singing “The City of New Orleans” when you’re on a plane, you would get some rather strange looks.

  7. Pretty good. Spent today with friends I haven’t seen in too long. There was sunshine, and Pimms, and two small children, and good food.
    Hope your trip home goes smoothly.

  8. My answer to that question is ‘I’m having a good one’. Seeing as I’m a good 6/7 hours ahead of you, I fail to see how you’ve already managed to have had a good weekend :p

  9. My Saturday was great. Walked myself half to death trying to see every single exhibit at ALA—it’s a really, really big convention center. Scored an autographed copy of “Zoe’s Tale” plus another 15 pounds or so of books, ARCs, catalogs and the like. Sat in on a demonstation of a database our library subscribes to, but I wasn’t very familiar with. Missed your panel since I had an exhibit only pass, alas. Indulged in seafood gumbo, followed by cafe au lait and beignets over at the Riverwalk Marketplace. Went home and collapsed.

    Oh, and I saw an exhibitor for some tech company playing bango sometime during the early afternoon. Not as a part of any program, just sitting there in his both playing. I apreciated the constrast; it kept the place from being too staid.

  10. Been a great weekend so far – very sorry that I missed your panel, but so glad to have caught you at the Tor booth.

    Thanks again for signing my husband’s copy of Old Man’s War.

  11. I worked yesterday, but enjoying a lazy Sunday. It is cloudy and fairly cool for the end of June here in SE Pennsylvania. I finished reading The Last Colony on my patio today. I swallowed back emotion when Jane made her announcement at the end. Wow that was good! Zoe’s Tale is next!

  12. Spent weekend “babysitting” husband who had his wisdom teeth out on Thursday (after avoiding going to the dentist for approximately 20 years.)

    Four trips to the grocery store in three days for a) Advil; b) milk; c) ice cream; and d) fruit and yogurt, for smoothies.


  13. Great weekend but discovered the fellow at the Sunday Green Market has quit making beignets. Disappointment.

  14. We had a nice weekend. I’m working a four day work week through the summer (though their may be some kinks in that line) so I’ve been having nice weekend after nice weekend.

    We did our grocery shopping on Friday (as we started doing since my change in schedule) so it sets the feeling for the rest of the weekend.: food. And there’s been good food. Not too much. I’m required to moderate my intake for various reasons. So quality is where my eyes and stomach agree (rather than have eyes bigger than my stomach – which could cause a large stomach).

    Our choices in what we streamed from Netflix could have been better but at least those movies are now out of the queue.

    So the sex and drugs and rock and roll of my youth is now food and prescription drugs and Netflix.

    But, still, life is good…

  15. Spent the weekend looking for a house to rent. Found a couple places that have promise. Oh and I cleaned my apartment all the while wishing I made enough money for maid service. *grin*

    Enjoy your flight home! :)

  16. Good weekend. Got virtually nothing done work-related. Went to my grandson’s birthday party (he’s 3) yesterday, and generally have been on “recharge-mode” since Friday. I’ve got tomorrow off (at least part of the day; I have to show up to interview a prospective job candidate for half an hour), and I hope to do considerable yard work.

    I’ve been reading “Your Hate Mail Will be Graded” for the past couple of days (I’m afraid its a “dump book,” and I hope I don’t have to explain that in any detail). I like the writing and the politics; living in Oklahoma, I periodically need an inoculation! I’ve been “lurking” for the past year or so, and thought I’d make myself known. I’m a college professor living in NE Oklahoma, and I’m that rarest of breeds: a “white, male Protestant liberal.” Based on most opinion surveys, there are apparently only about twelve of us on record…

  17. You should try the train next time and get a sleeper. I took my daughter down from Baltimore her first year at Tulane and it was a blast. Of course, we ended up flying out of Houston about a week later after evacuating from Katrina.

  18. Watched my boys get doted on by their grandmother. Ate meat. Took a drill and dremel to a stupid expensive PC case (a-tech fabrication 2500) to enable installation of a fan and adequate ventilation for Ceton cable tuner. A good nerd weekend. Now I have to vacuum the aluminum shavinging out of the carpet because like a total ‘tard I did the drilling and dremeling in my office. Doh!

  19. Great weekend. Got to take the dogs out the park at night and let them run free. Looks like I might be getting my first short story published in a smaller market magazine (we take what we can get). I got fat near the end of college: 6′ 1″ 275 pounds. But after a year of p90x, crossfit, and running three miles every day, I am down to 185 and in better shape than I was even in highschool.

    Ummm…Dances With Dragons will be out in a month, so my geekdom has a mental countdown clock until I can purchase that book.

    I also have started a webcomic with my brother maintaining the site, my 76 year old grandmother providing the art (she never bitches about the nudity, langauge, or any of that stuff that is involved in my story.), and me with the all-too fun job of writing the comic. I know this isn’t one of those self-promotion threads, so I will really wait to go into details until we shave one of those threads. I really hope I can eventually get support from many of the posters on this site when it is fully up and running.

    Also, we can’t forget the great news from New York about gay marriage. We have to fight tooth-and-nail, but we are slowly accomplishing equal rights for all, and it does my heart good.

    Sorry if that went too long, just a great example of what a truly great weekend it was.

  20. I pressure-cleaned my patio and started the 6th book in Thomas’s Soldiers of the Legion series. Bad combination — I started to hear the little algae cells screaming as I swept the spray back and forth. But they were alien vermin from outside my system!!
    Sheesh — gotta stop reading military science fiction for a few weeks.

  21. Riding my bicycle on small gravel roads – finding out that one of them ended 50m from a major road with a lot of bushes between them. And I didn’t want to turn back and go the long way around so I did the tough walk through the bushes – carrying the bicycle.

    The things we do to get some exercise and the excuses to take a shortcut!

    And an observation I made is that it’s completely impossible to get anything done in Sweden the midsummer weekend. Literally everybody that can has disappeared somewhere and most are more or less wasted. On the other hand – there is no traffic congestion at all in the cities, and all cops are out trying to keep order at the popular party towns.

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