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Video Games Protected By the First Amendment; Still Open Season on Zombies

So says the Supreme Court in a 7-2 ruling (about the video games being protected speech, not the zombies part, to be clear). You can see the entire ruling here (pdf link). This isn’t a particularly surprising ruling, since the lower courts have generally held video games to be covered by the First Amendment (and […]

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BYOB As You’ve Never Experienced It Before

Via the estimable Greg van Eekhout (see his recent Big Idea piece here), a picture of how the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego is promoting my upcoming author event there: Note: I will not be signing any bacon you might bring. It’s hard for the meat to take ink very well. Don’t ask me […]

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ALA 2011 Recap

I spent the weekend in New Orleans for the American Library Association’s annual meet-up, which means I got to hang about with librarians and other authors, two of my favorite categories of people. The big event of my attendance was the panel pictured above (by this person, whose picture I have shamelessly stolen), in which […]

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