My Daughter, Professional Photographer

For the September issue of Writer’s Digest, the magazine is including me as part of its “The Big 10” feature, in which authors in ten different publishing genres talk about writing and publishing in their genre (I am, no surprise, slotted into the science fiction and fantasy category). The feature is interesting and I recommend y’all track down the issue when it comes out (I’ll make mention of it again in the future because there will be an online component I’ll be able to to point you to), but for the moment I want to focus your attention at the picture of me they used.

The Writers Digest folks asked me if I had any pictures of myself they could use, and I pointed them to my Flicker account and told them to pick one they liked. They picked this one, which as it happens is one of me taken by my daughter (I’d featured it before on the site here). So that means as a photographer, my daughter’s work has been used by professional publication at the tender age of twelve. Which makes me awfully proud.

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  1. Peter, that’s rude to ask!
    Congratulations to Athena, and I’m sure you and Krissy are proud of most things she does.

    Let us know when her first ukelele concert (featuring all-original songs, of course) will be performed. :)

  2. Congratulations!

    And in print, awesome! No messing about with flimsy digital publications, this might keep for untold centuries. Immortality at twelve.

  3. looks like she was standing at some distance and used a longish lense, which reduces perspective distortion. and she has a little bokeh going on in the background, which appears to be something fairly close to you, meaning she would have to have to open the aperature to reduce the depth of field.

    both of which are what you want for portrait photography.

    the aperature you might get from ‘portrait mode’ on the camera. standi.g far away with a good zoom on had to be her choice cause the camera isnt going to tell her to back up.

    it would appear she has a knack for photography.

    congrats and good job.

  4. Yay Athena!

    This reminds me of Sean McMullen’s daughter Catherine, who was published as an author at the tender age of 11 in Interzone. She’s in her early twenties now, and the very few times I see her I try to entice her to start writing fiction again, but she’s too busy with other matters.

    Oh well.

  5. We’re interested in the money because we want to make sure that she’s getting the right deal. Parents these days, they think they’re like super-extra-special and entitled to outrageously favorable deals. Her skills are advancing his career. She could put her energy into building up Wil Wheaton.

  6. Hi Jon,

    I came to the SFWA mass signing (I was the pregnant lady who was being fiscally prudent by not buying Get Fuzzy). I always carry a book in my purse so I have something to read and the day I unexpectedly went into labor the book was Old Man’s War. I had started it but it tok me much longer to finish because my husband and friend kept stealing it to read while they held the baby. We had a healthy baby boy and I finally got to finish the book. Now I’m going to start on Ghost Brigade (but I’m going to hide it til I finish it this time).

  7. 20. And EXIF spake unto them, saying:

    Taken on September 24, 2010 at 8.25pm EDT

    At these words, they all were amazed, and many did smite themself upon the forehead.

  8. The part of me that has been brainwashed by the financial advice community insists that I point out that earned income means you can put that much into a Roth IRA for her. But you probably knew that already.

  9. So, now that she’s proven herself in the professional arena, does she get to experiment with Daddy’s new camera?

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