In Which I Become the Face of (Computing) Evil

Attached below, a screenshot of an article today from Business Insider:

The site evidently snurched it from my Wikipedia entry. It’s amusing to see it getting around, although, of course, I would like to specify that in fact I have no connection whatsoever to the malware described in the article, other than my Photoshopped face being used by Business Insider to personify its pure, unmitigated evil. I guess it’s nice that they used it for “The Strongest Computer Virus in History,” thought. If they had used it for, oh, “The 4th Lamest Computer Virus of the Week,” I might be annoyed. I’m all about the superlatives. The evil superlatives.

23 Comments on “In Which I Become the Face of (Computing) Evil”

  1. I’m all about the superlatives.

    I’ve noticed that. Actually, I’ve noticed that about a lot of F&SF writers. When you folks blog about each others’ work it’s all about how amazingly thought-provokingly delicious it is. Have you ever just said you -like- something? Or is that damning with faint praise?

    Anyway, my grumping aside, you do make a fetching virus

  2. that is hilarious!

    can you sue for defamation of character and win a bajilion dollars?

  3. Tell me again why they don’t have to have a signed release and pay you royalties for your image since you are a public person. Kaspersky and Scalzi — sounds like a great law firm.

  4. Dr. Jim,
    It’s because anything John posts on the internet enters the public domain, don’t ya know.

  5. [I should clarify post 10, in case the sarcasm does not come through in the post, yes, that was a deliberate reference to that time that lady tried to steal that article with the apples and the cooking, and then made the “apology” claiming that the stolen article was in the public domain, and then Facebook exploded.

    At least this theft is kind of interesting, if John is ok with it, as he seems to be. Legally, he has several options.]

  6. I think you may now have a possible answer as to why your internet connection was flaky recently…

  7. John, you may have the face of evil (love the picture, by the way), but your cat has the heart.

  8. I loved the comment on the article that Joel Bass made:

    “He makes the Mouth of Sauron look like Ryan Seacrest”

    I think this is an Epic Win, surpassing the flying unicorn rainbow ponies ogre level.

  9. At this rate, your family is going to be more famous for photography/photoshoppery than for writing Science Fiction. ;-)

  10. dang, that’s cool. “Evil personified” on your business cards. I’d have tee’s printed.

  11. Oh boy. Is this a case of ‘heaven doesn’t want me and hell’s afraid I’ll take over?’ [That was a rhetorical question]. :)

    Only you, dude.

  12. OMG, how hilarious! I do think you should let them know you’re aware of it and let them grovel a bit. Maybe, a free subscription or at least a blurb promoting your latest book, right? Thank you for having a sense of humor about it and not immediately calling your lawyer. It’s why we love you.

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