My Writer’s Digest Interview Now Online

And with the headline,Science Fiction Author John Scalzi Explains How Not to Be Boring.” Usually the answer to that is “Spangles! And lots of them!”But this time I suggest something else instead. I know, spangles still are the way to go. Check out the interview anyway. In addition to not being boring I also discuss the new book, the role of humor in my writing, and my influences. You know, stuff that will change your writing life forever. Be ready. And stock up on spangles.

13 Comments on “My Writer’s Digest Interview Now Online”

  1. What can you recommend in the “deeply abstruse books based on alien linguistics” category? That sounds like something I would really like.

  2. I thought it was flair, not spangles.
    dammit. anyone want to buy a whole bunch of flair?

  3. These are Spangles.

    I’m not convinced that a humble boiled sweet can increase your interestingness enormously. Maybe your tales of how you built up a massive stock of a sweet that has been out of production for thirty years will impress?

  4. @MVS:

    I’m fairly certain John means the sequin-y kinda things one might use to decorate an article of clothing, or small purse, like so:

    That said, John and I both grew up in California, around the same time, and I remember the word spangle referring to a type of bracelet that was popular with girls in the ’80s. But that was a long time ago, and I might have the wrong word, or it might have just been a very regional term, or possibly a specific brand.

  5. Good article, nothing ground-breaking to regular readers of this blog. I spotted a few typos and a massive formatting error. I don’t suppose you’d have any control over that at this point.

  6. @Jennifer R. Ewing: You know, that name occured to me, but I dismissed it, figuring that I was confusing the bracelets with the band of the same name. That’ll teach me to be suspicious of my memory; perhaps it’s better than I thought.

  7. Woes. Finally got around to this post in my RSS feed, and the link is broke. Tried, but failed, to find the article myself. I don’t suppose you know where it is now?

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