Your Hugo Voting Reminder for July 1, 2011

Well more than one:

1. Hey, folks, remember that you have only until the end of the month (that’s July in case you’re still mentally in the June time zone) to vote for the Hugo Awards, which will be given out this August at Renovation, this year’s Worldcon.

2. Remember also that you can catch up with most of the nominated works through the Hugo Voter Packet — which I have been informed has been recently expanded with even more Hugo-nominated goodness. It will definitely solve your “I don’t have anything good to read” issues for the next month.

3. You can get the Hugo Voter Packer the same way you can vote for the Hugos: By becoming a member of Renovation — either an attending member (which means you plan to come to Worldcon, which you should because it’s a ton of fun) or a supporting member (which gives you voting privileges). Becoming a supporting member is $50, which means that it pays for itself in the Hugo Voter Packet alone — plus then you get the ability to make your choices for what you’d like to win the Hugo.

4. You have until the end of the month to vote, but don’t put it off later than you have to, since there’s always a rush at the end, and that can have an effect on getting your vote in (especially online). So vote before the deadline, if you can.

And there you have it, your Hugo voting reminder(s).


Clarion, San Diego Appearance, Whatever

A head’s up for folks about the next week:

One, next week I’ll be teaching at Clarion and thus may not be as updaterific here as I usually am on account of being busy gleefully crushing the tender souls of neophyte writers BWA HA HA HAH HA humbly being the instrument of instruction for the next generation of science fiction and fantasy authors. I’m thinking of canning some posts and of course there will be some Big Idea pieces, etc, so there will be stuff here. But in case I slack off because I have, you know, real world responsibilities to people who paid money to learn from me, you now know why.

Two, a reminder to San Diegans and other Southern Californians that I will be making an appearance at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore on Wednesday, July 6 at 7pm for an evening of fun, science fiction and haruspicy! That’s right, bring your ritual animals for sacrifice and I’ll forecast your future from the entrails right there! People in the first three rows remember to bring a tarp, because you will get wet.

(Note: No actual haruspicy will take place. It’s messy. And kind of mean.)

In all seriousness, it will be fun and you should totally come. And bring a friend. Bring two. Heck, bring everyone. In your trunk if necessary.

Three, the ten day forecast for San Diego is sunny and in the mid-70s. Dear San Diego: I love you.



For Your Canada Day Pleasure

One of my favorites from Sarah Harmer:

Happy Birthday, Canada. Stay, well, Canadian.

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