San Diego: I AM IN YOU

And loitering about on the UCSD campus, getting ready to be a Clarion instructor as of Monday. It’s a gorgeous day, have met many of the Clarion students, and I have bought myself a hat. It’s a jaunty hat!

What have you done with your Saturday?

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  1. I’ve been painting my kitchen and watching the Tour de France. One of these I enjoy doing. :)

  2. I’m having a going-away party with all my friends. I rented out a whole restaurant, woo woo.

    Is it a hat that will stay on during a pitched water gun war?

  3. Grinding up spices and massaging them into large slabs of pork for the impendingTraditional Holiday Smoking Of The Ribs. That done, sitting out on the front porch with a frosty adult beverage and my laptop, reading blogs and enjoying an utterly gorgeous summer day, western Oregon style (blue skies, cool breezes, temperatures in the high 70s.) It doesn’t get much better than this.

  4. You should’ve been here last week and experienced the wonders of San Diego in June.

    Also known as temperatures in the high 70’s. Low 70’s at the beach.

    A slice of heaven.

    Speaking of a slice of heaven, make sure you go to World Famous in Pacific Beach. Due to how utterly awesome the food is, try going on a Wednesday or Tuesday afternoon. Early afternoon. Say around 3 PM.

    Your diet will officially HATE me for this. Red-giant-star sized hate. Warner-Brothers-vignette-with-me-as-target hate. Nancy-Grace-talking-about-Tot-Mom hate.

    But your tongue will put me on the Christmas Card list, its Facebook page, and one-month trial of the Bacon Of The Month Club. So I can deal with the hate of the diet. Not like anyone ever keeps those things around anyways.

  5. I successfully ate a sandwich. It might not sound like much, but I’m pregnant and juuuussssttt getting back into solid food after five weeks of “morning” (all day) sickness. I’ve never been this sick before – but it’s worth every second.

    The sandwich was mighty fine. I do believe I’ll have another today.

    Louise Curtis

  6. Today I actually made it to the Farmers’ Market, and have made Ethiopian lentil salad (azifa) as my contribution to tonight’s dinner. Soon, I will be making chile lime, & mango paletas, in the hopes that they will be ready for dessert.

  7. Trimmed the shrubs, ate a plate of chicken wings with half a pitcher of beer, burped a lot, took a short nap, then cleaned and restrung a guitar. It’s been a good day, thanks for asking. Have fun crushing souls . . . er, “teaching” next week. :)

  8. Bought a hot-tub for the garden, set up the PS3 and had a decent curry delivered. As I hardly had to threaten the kids with the pit of rabid badgers it was a reasonably good day.

  9. Opted to stay indoors with the AC. Found some leftover cotton yarn to knit into short lace gloves. Enjoying a hard cider, and watching the Red Sox play.

  10. I think you could’ve at least bought San Diego dinner before you stated that you were “in it..” I mean that is the polite thing to do right?


    I took my daughter to audition for Beauty and the lonely Beast. She nailed the part of Agnes who is apparently Beauty’s sister. Yeah I know!! I didn’t know she had sisters either. Damn disney for leaving the sisters out! hehe

    Oh and I play The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the better part of the day.. Now I’m gonna go flop on my bed and read a vampy book on my kindle. YAY!!!

    Enjoy your evening!

  11. Any luck setting up a public appearance? I don’t see anything on your appearances page, so I assume not, but hope springs eternal.

  12. Run – park – shopping – park – shopping – reading – caretaking – browsing. Eating.

  13. Just finished up my quiet little dinner party … sticky wings, fried green tomatoes, corn on the cob, potato salad, and a simple little dessert with fresh berries. Now everyone is gone and I am procrastinating on the clean-up. Maybe some coffee …

  14. I took the family to see Green Lantern and then to In-n-Out for dinner. Good California afternoon (even if it was overly hot). Then worked on one of my online high school websites.

  15. Finished Simmons’ Olympos. Played Amber with Regan. Ate french toast for dinner. Started reading Paradise Lost.

  16. I love San Diego man! Beautiful down there, and there’s a ton to do. Anyway, I spent the day cleaning the house, took the kids out for lunch and to see a movie, then home to read Paolo Bacigalupi’s THE WINDUP GIRL and make a killer dinner! Enjoy the weekend! : )

  17. Made a cake. Mowed the lawn. Went to a sale, bought bread. Went to the Como Zoo, looked for my sister, my niece-in-law, and her kids. Didn’t find them; in the mob, that wasn’t surprising. Stopped to see a friend. Took a nap. Now frosting the cake for tomorrow.

  18. Did some trim work on the never-completed kitchen, pulled some evil, sentient ivy off the front of the house, worked on my new shield (medieval SCA nerd), cooked fajitas, and took the little one to the park to play on the jungle gym

  19. Saturday was spent recovering from Friday Night out with the girls…. I’ve not punished my liver like that in years. I’m not nearly as young as I want to think, lol. Also, trying to find the recipe for the traditional Fourth of July Ham, so cleaning all the cupboards in the kitchen.

  20. I spent Saturday pretending I wasn’t moping about not being at Clarion anymore. I need to pretend harder!

  21. Weeded around the tomato plants, did some laundry, walked the half mile round trip to our mail box, received next edits for novel, wrestled with the first four chapters of said novel, ate left over spaghetti, met daughter’s new beau. Now I’m ready to crash. Thanks for asking.

    Have fun in Cali. Sport the jaunty hat with pride!

  22. I did not know that San Diego could be so easily debauched. I am waiting for the follow up later of “I am no longer in you, San Diego.” Yeah, I know, unlike me San Diego can stay classy.

  23. Spent a good chunk of yesterday and today at a craft store, trying to find the buttons I needed to complete an upcoming project. Finally had to order the damn things online. On the upside, spent the evening with the inlaws, which is always a nice ending to the day. Chatted a little with their nextdoor neighbor, who’s a trucker so he’s not around a whole lot. Now I’m watching Man With The Golden Gun on the Sleuth network, which is a Bond flick I’d not seen before (I was two when it came out, so sue me). Should have been in bed fifteen mins ago, but the movie’s not over for another 45. Oh well.


  24. Welcome to San Diego! Can’t wait to see you at Mysterious Galaxy.

  25. I went to UCSD for my undergraduate and graduate education. Absolutely beautiful campus. I know the folks that run Clarion. Enjoy your time there. =)

  26. Went down to Cincinnati with my daughters, my sister, and a friend and his kid to watch the Reds play the Indians. Kind of warm and muggy, but a nice day otherwise–except for the Reds losing. Oh well.

  27. Man, there’s obviously been a lot of new construction since I graduated. I don’t recognize anything in that picture. OK, it’s been 25 years, but still. You should take a couple shots of the Geisel library, which is one of the most sfnal buildings around. Also make sure you see some of the public art, especially the Sun God and the purple volleyball nets in the woods. (Then imagine cutting through those woods, alone, on a moonless night after seeing the original Nosferatu for the first time. I’m still traumatized by it.)

  28. Work on rebuilding our library…slow, but starting to look nice now.

    Don’t forget pix of the jaunty hat!

  29. Louise @ #8, as a former fellow sufferer of all-day-morning-sickness, I offer you my sincere sympathy.

    As for my Saturday: took kid to see “Cars 2” for her 22nd birthday, and later provided her with a Rainbow Dash balloon and a rainbow lei with rainbow tinsel, to be delivered when I picked her up from work. (One of her customers, who had never met me, saw me walking up with the balloon and the lei and said, “Are those for Lucy?” How well they know her.)

    “Cars 2” was much better than I expected, even though we got the trailer for (gag) “The Smurfs” instead of “Brave”.

  30. Dug a pit and lined it with plastic and set it up with an automatic water feed for the quail & other wildlife. Trimmed bushes and cleared dead stuff in the hopes that if / when there is a fire, the house will be defensible. The drought is the worst in New Mexico’s history.

  31. Broke out the paint and committed crimes against art in public spaces. No graffiti, however.

  32. I worked at IKEA West Chester Saturday (part time job that is running almost full time till I get an office job again), then went to see X-Men, First Class with friends. I liked it a lot. My X-Men knowledge is hazy from disuse, not having read the comic for many-a-year, but I felt it did a good job setting things up. Hope they do well enough to invest in a (well-written) sequel. Worked again today (Sunday), and will work a full day tomorrow. And grateful I am for the hours and money, too.

  33. I put in a concrete paver patio extension over the weekend. On Saturday, I got as far as bringing home pavers, having a yard of sand delivered, laying out the pavers to get the dimensions right, removing the pavers again, and digging most of a 9’x9’x4″ hole. On Sunday, I finished digging the hole, dumped in the sand, leveled the sand, and put in the pavers. When I finished, I sat on our new patio and read The Ghost Brigades.
    Amazingly, I wan’t too sore to move on Monday.

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