Wait. It’s July 4th?

As an indication of how deeply my brain is in Clarion mode at the moment, I woke up early today to send off a bunch of business-related e-mails to people so they would be out to them to respond to before I went off to do today’s teaching, and got through all of the e-mails before I realized that today is actually a national holiday, no one would be responding to my business e-mails, and I could have slept in for another hour. Hello, I’m kind of an idiot. Or just deeply, deeply committed to my work obligations. Yes, that second one. That second one is it exactly.

Although today is the third day I am in San Diego, this is first actual day of teaching here at Clarion (and yes, we’ll be working through the national holiday — the students here didn’t pay to take breaks, you know), and I’m very much looking forward to it. The students were taught by Nina Kiriki Hoffman during the first week, who by all accounts was a simply spectacular teacher, so that will be an interesting act to follow. I suspect my own teaching style will be a bit different from hers, but that’s to be expected and part of the reason Clarion offers up six different teachers over the run of the workshop. It’ll be fun in any event.

(As an aside: While I will continue to be blogging while I’m at Clarion, you will probably find I am rather vague about specifics of what I’m doing and teaching while I’m here. That partly because damn, I have a busy schedule and won’t have a whole bunch of time to blog, but also because — as with Viable Paradise while I was teaching there — most of what goes on at Clarion is both for the benefit of those who are actually here and also of probably limited interest to those outside its environs. Part of what makes workshops work is the idea that what goes on there stays there. So, hi, I’m at Clarion, teaching, and that’s probably as much detail as you’re going to get on that matter.)

While I and the Clarionites are off discussing writing and storytelling and truth and beauty, I hope your 4th of July will be delightfully explodinacious, if you are in the US, and a reasonably tolerable Monday if you are anywhere else. You kids have fun. And as regards fireworks, try to keep your fingers attached to your hands, please. I know, I’m not the boss of you or anything. But, really, once finger detach they’re hard to put back on. Or so I’ve been told, and I believe it.

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