Reminder: Appearance Tonight, 7pm, at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

That’s right! I will manifest, as if by magic, at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego. Once there, I will read from my upcoming novel, answer questions, sign books and battle evil mecha-droids intent on destroying this fair city. I know! Busy day, right? Well, it’ll be fun no matter what. So if you are in or near San Diego, I hope I’ll see you tonight.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

14 replies on “Reminder: Appearance Tonight, 7pm, at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore”

as far as the mecha droids go, just flash that jaunty hat at them and youll have a pretty good chance of blinding them, at least momentarily which will then give Will Smith time to finish them off. Itll be a Smith/Scalzi buddy film. the closing scene will be Smith zmoking a cigar on the beach in San Diego, you playing uke, and your wives watching the sun set over the ocean.

Now I have the image of Scalzi appearing in a puff of smoke and wearing a wizard outfit, robe, hat and all. If this actually does happen, please, please, someone have a video camera on hand to capture the moment.

If there is no puff of smoke we will be sorely disappointed!
I just hope the shop isn’t as packed as the time Patrick Rothfuss was there, for purely selfish reasons. I’d like a place to sit and hear you. People were coming out the seams of the store during Patricks visit.

@Greg van Eekhout, d’oh I should have dragged my copy of “Norse Code” there to bug you. Because who hates fans?!

@Scalzi; you were very entertaining, sir. This is the second time I’ve seen you at M/G and I’m glad I attended both times.


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