Daily Archives: July 10, 2011

My Instant Google+ Review

Folks have been asking me for my thoughts on Google+, the new Googlelicious social network, so: I like it, for a few reasons: One, it doesn’t have an arbitrary cap on the number of people you can connect to; two, it’s easy to organize the people you connect with into buckets (Google calls them “circles”) […]

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Clarion and San Diego

For those of you who like these sorts of things, a recap of my last week. Clarion: No real specifics here on account that I told the Clarion students that what goes on there stays there, and I would look like a real asshole if I turned around and blogged in detail about it. But […]

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What the Other Scalzis Were Doing in San Diego

So what did Athena and Krissy do while I was teaching at Clarion? Commune with dolphins, as you can see from the picture above. I was all for this until they came back to the apartment we were staying at in San Diego and started moving around the room via echolocation; that gave me a […]

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