What the Other Scalzis Were Doing in San Diego

So what did Athena and Krissy do while I was teaching at Clarion? Commune with dolphins, as you can see from the picture above. I was all for this until they came back to the apartment we were staying at in San Diego and started moving around the room via echolocation; that gave me a headache after a while. But otherwise, it was groovy.

In other news, hey, we’re back in Ohio. The plan for Sunday: Sleep and lots of it. You can tell me this is not a good plan, but I won’t listen. Because I’ll be asleep. It’s foolproof.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Oh, awesome. San Diego is a fantastic city to hang out in with kids. I’ve heard it described as the sort of city you’d get if a couple of grandparents sat down and designed the perfect place to tempt the kids to bring the grandkids repeatedly for a nice family vacation.

I know too much about dolphins to think they’re cute.

Huh what?

I heard they can be counted on to pee in the pool, but otherwise, I have no idea what you might be refering to.

And, yeah, it looks like they’re tryign to drown the dolphin….

@ Greg: I don’t want to get Mallet-ed, so I’m not going to ruin this thread for the dolphin lovers among us. If you want to know some of the bad stuff just Google “the truth about dolphins” and go to the Slate article.

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