Pick the Title of My Next Google+ Circle: A Poll

Because I’m sure I’ll need another one at some point.

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Remember, this is for posterity. So choose wisely.

64 Comments on “Pick the Title of My Next Google+ Circle: A Poll”

  1. I would have went for “Hipsters, Flipsters, and Finger-Poppin’ Daddies” Myself followed up by another circle called “Knock me your lobes”

  2. I went with OH SHIT BEES!, but my second choice would have been “Your mom. All your moms. And some dads.” Because I like unity.

  3. Charlie – Texas Creek, CO – An old fart living in the woods of Colorado. I have incurable cancer so this will chronicle the end of my life.


  4. After the “posterity” line I was sad that “THE PIT. . . OF DESPAIR!” wasn’t a choice.

  5. I’m told that it’s possible to encircle, and possibly to send updates by email to, people who don’t actually have Google+ accounts themselves.

    If that’s the case, a “People without Google+ accounts I want to share stuff with” circle might actually be useful in some cases.

  6. I went with “I Stand Over Your Bed While You Sleep”. This says nothing – NOTHING – about me as a person, and frankly I’m offended by the implication.

    Now why don’t you take a nap?

  7. catvincent – Yorkshire, England – I'm Ian Vincent, but most folk call me Cat. I'm a writer on the subjects of the occult, Forteana and magical practice, an occasional writer for Fortean Times and a contributing editor to The Daily Grail. I'm a former professional exorcist and combat magician. I'm fascinated by everything that does not fit easy categories, Forteana and general weirdness. I also love movies, much SF, some comic books and awful puns. I live in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire with my wife, the artist Kirsty Hall.
    Cat Vincent

    Amazed there isn’t an option for ‘BrainPals’…

  8. No ‘Hong Kong Cavaliers’??? no ‘blue blaze irregulars’???

    I dont know who you are anymore….

  9. I went with awkward pity circle because I figured that’s where those of us who are following you on google+ but you don’t know from adam would fit… (But I do agree with the poster above that “Scalzi’s World Domination Army” probably would have won if it was an option)

  10. ocschwar – Sysadmin at the MIT Kavli Institute. Trying to keep Linux systems running using Python and baling twine.

    Badger Enthusiasts? Is it even legal for an Ohioan to associate with such company?

  11. Hrmm…I find an urge to suggest naming a circle “Those Who Shall Not Be Named” or “Those Who Shall Not Be Categorized” strikes me….

  12. crowfae – warrior, barista, bookstore associate, every kind of restaurant worker, secretary, drove a forklift in a grocery warehouse, andmy last job was as a Nurse for MGA helping to transition babies on ventilators from the NICU to home. It was my bliss. I am a breast cancer survivor. I live with serious MDD and PTSD. I am a Navy Veteran and an Army Veteran, first woman in my field for both. I belong to the VFW and have a 100% service connected disability which has exacerbated over the last 5 years to the point I live at Thunderbird senior living, need a Service Dog to maximize independence, misplace words and faces and require my own Home Health Visits. It also means walking, typing, communicating and memory and I are not quite the friends we used to be.Although completely fictional, I take the ingredients of my own experiences and those of other people and blend them into my Novel 'The Clouds in my Head." I was always told my head was in the clouds, so I guess that's how they got inside. LolMy genre is what I like to call Silver Lit, you know like Chick Lit for the Social Security set. Like Chick Lit the main focus is on personal growth and relationships between people. There is romance, laughter and tragedy and hopefully enough reasons to read to the end as Magna, my protagonist faces changes in herself and the world around her. Oh, did I mention she also has a service dog who is a perfect co-star. Starting Nano this year felt like the first time I jumped from a plane, I hadn't written creatively since 2017. When my legal pads and black pens didn't work anymore and my sentences struggled to make sense, I said I couldn't write anymore. But silencing myself was not the right answer. As a tool to combat depression, I took a deep breath and dove in. I used Word dictation and it's editing tool to write this year. Sometimes when I went back I didn't know what I had originally said and would have to piece it all together again. All the things Id joke about before I depended on for this year's novel. Detailed notes on each character, mini biographies. Timelines, though I made it easier on myself by containing my novel to Nov 1 to Nov. 15 2020 as the stories time frame. The election figures into the story.I am an official Plantster. I set up the framework and then let the characters speak for themselves. Hoping to post a link to it's Kindle version by this time next year.

    I totally am a badger enthusiast. From Tummeler to Lord Brocktree to Trufflehunter. Go Badgers!

  13. Angry Tapirs and other concerns.

    And, thanks to the Fox blowup in England, I now know what a ‘reverse ferret’ is.

    No, not that, and get your mind out of the gutter.

  14. “I Stand Over Your Bed While You Sleep” strikes me as a great name for a high school-aged emo band whose members all like to cosplay as Edward Cullen. And if the thought of such a band existing doesn’t give you at least one sleepless night of terror with every light in the house on, then you, my friend, are a braver person than I.

  15. “OH SHIT BEES” Needs some clarifying punctuation. Is it “OH, SHIT! BEES!” as if you were afraid of some bees or maybe “OH, SHIT BEES!” with the imperative that these people should defecate bees?

  16. lfturovich @21: I would have picked “Circle of Hell”, but it isn’t there. Sigh.

    That would be a pain to keep track of, as there would have to be nine of them.

  17. Kevin, you missed the possibility that these are shit bees (we have honey bees, why not shit bees). Much as someone might say “Oh! Kittens!” or “Oh! Pie!”, our Fearless Leader, presumably, says “Oh! Shit bees!”.

    Can someone explain to me why inadvertent is a word and advertent is not? This just seems wrong to me.

  18. Hi John – been reading your site for some time now, first time commenting. Now this is totally off the subject of your post… but I’m wondering if you know what your schedule is for Renovation in Aug. Trying to figure out what day my husband and I should go…

  19. lfryerdavis – I have taught math and computer science in Ontario, Canada since 2006. Before that I worked for 9 years at a number of companies in the computer industry ranging from software developer to executive.

    @35 , 38.

    I had already assumed the comma was between the first and second words and that (as usual) Scalzi was toying with us. In this case, a not-so-subtle reference to Kevin Smith, Dogma and the Shit Demon. Damn you, Scalzi!! We have all been spontaneously lumped in with the rest of the demons (as he types this on a Mac).


  20. Where’s “Possessed Of Breathtaking Political Insights That You Must Listen To”?

  21. I actually have a circle called “Jimmy Hats,” in case it does turn into Facebook and I keep getting added by people I don’t really like but don’t want to start drama with

  22. Ora @36 – I howled. My Linux loving co-workers are getting a surprise when I get back from vacation.

  23. um… how about those who are in the

    advertadly tasted

    there has to be a few in that circle….

  24. Dave H – I can see Canada from my house – Aging dad, electronics nerd, embedded software developer. (I'm the guy who makes your microwave blink 12:00.)
    Dave H

    AlanM@38: why not shit bees

    Anyone who has ever experienced the summertime treat that was the outhouses of Ohio’s state parks will testify that there are, indeed, shit bees. They bear a strong resemblance to yellow jackets.

  25. Jacki@54: Pshaw. Of course no one picked it. The jaunty white hat meme has been done to death! It’s like, SO last week.

  26. I picked Badger Enthusiasts.

    You have to ask why? It’s Badgers, of course! And we’re Enthusiastic about them.

    (John, I know I just follow you on G+, but can I be in the Badger Enthusiast circle? Please???)

  27. Erbo – Second Life Resident, EVE Online capsuleer, virtual community maven, software engineer, computer geek, SF fan, conservative, cat lover. Also, The Game.

    Would “OH SHIT BEES” be the appropriate circle to use for members of Goonswarm?

  28. OH SHIT BEES! is my choice, but OH SHIT GIANT JAPANESE HORNETS! is closer to home.

    (Google them if you’re looking for a wee bit o’ nightmare fuel.)

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