The People Have Spoken

And I am proud to introduce my new Google+ circle:

Who is in it? Everyone in my contacts whose last name starts with a “B,” of course. Also, those who are bees. Of which at this point admittedly there are not many. But when there are, I am ready.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Do you play Kingdom of Loathing? The current ascension challenge is highly appropriate to this (Bees Hate You – mainly, can’t use/eat/drink items containing the letter ‘b’, equipment with ‘b’ in it hurts you pretty hard for each ‘b’, and monsters with ‘b’ in their name are tougher).

My middle name has a B in it. Can I join your sweet google+ hipster club? I promise I shant virtually teabag your Red Vines!

I know someone who recently spotted a Craigslist ad offering free bees. I’m given to understand that this is actually a desirable commodity for gardeners; still, I suggested that he should email them asking if he could get one of those free bees. Or that he should write them a very long email proclaiming his urgent need to obtain as many Bs as possible – an email that didn’t otherwise use the letter B (hence the need for the length; it’s not a frequently used letter). And see if the Craigslist spotted the joke (it might be necessary to highlight it by substituting another letter for ‘B’, as in the Monty Python sketch of the man who can’t say the letter ‘C’. Such juvenile responses would have been unkind to the Craigslist poster, and we didn’t do any of them.

I doubt she has Google+, or has a B in her surname, but I submit for your consideration Ellie the labrador, who ate a beehive full of dead bees and for a week afterward, literally pooped bees:

Stumbled across the link just today and couldn’t help thinking of this.

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