Visiting Dog is Visiting (Again)

I know how passionate you all are about the comings and goings of the various lesser beasts in the house, so it is incumbent upon me to inform you that Visiting Dog is once again visiting, and as you can see here, making herself comfortable on my office rug. Despite her retiring demeanor, she is capable of energetic movement; the daughter was telling us that when she took both dogs out in the yard this morning, Visiting Dog took a running start at (the much larger) Daisy, ran up her back and then launched herself into air, apparently just for the hell of it. This improbable telling of events was confirmed by the presence of paw prints on Daisy’s spine. So there you have it. It’s probably best if Daisy does not try to do the same to Visiting Dog. We wish to give her back to her family in one piece.

12 Comments on “Visiting Dog is Visiting (Again)”

  1. Visiting Dog should count herself lucky she still *is* in one piece. Perhaps Daisy really is just that sweet-natured, or maybe she was just that surprised, but I would have thought that the aftermath of Visiting Dog’s ski-jumping off Daisy’s back might well have included carnage and bloodshed.

    Unless Daisy’s learned a thing or two from Zeus and Fluffy (I’m not even going to try to spell her name correctly, forgive me), and she’s waiting for the right moment to stealthily pounce upon Visiting Dog.

  2. I thought you and the animals were all the lesser beasts, while the female Scalzi’s imposed order on the universe… nyet?

  3. @6:

    “… Spokesfeline calls victim ‘speciesist,’ opines attack was justified.”

  4. Dogs have a dumb sense of humor. That ‘shake water all over the human’ bit is the only joke they know, and they NEVER get tired of it.

  5. My dog pulled that trick on a very nice older woman a her grandson at the park the other day. Thank the FSM that she had a sense of humor about it & spent the next 45 minutes laughing at him playing in the river with the kids.

  6. @8: I don’t know, I still think that one’s pretty funny–when my dog does it to other people.

    I suppose that could just as easily be a comment on MY sense of humour.

  7. @ #6: I assumed that “the various lesser beasts in the house” meant everyone other than Her Magnificence Ghlaghghee.