Today’s Advertisements for Myself

Out there in the world are some nice recent pieces about me and/or my latest book:

1. My local paper, the Dayton Daily News, has run a feature about me and Fuzzy Nation, with a focus on what it’s like to be a writer living in Ohio (pretty good) and if living here has had a negative impact on my career (evidently not).

2. Right before the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con, the San Diego Union Tribune chimes in on Fuzzy Nation, and has nice things to say about it, including this blurb-worthy line: “Year’s best? Yeah, one of them.” There are also reviews of 7th Sigma, The War That Came Early and that new book by a fellow, the last name of Martin. I know, never heard of him either. But let’s be encouraging to him anyway.

3. Also chiming in about Fuzzy Nation is the Seattle Times, in a book column guest-written by Duane Wilkins, who many book folks will know as the fellow in charge of the science fiction and fantasy section of the University Bookstore in Seattle. Duane’s been a huge supporter of Fuzzy and my other books, and I suspect I owe him a fruit basket in appreciation.

Enjoy the links.

7 Comments on “Today’s Advertisements for Myself”

  1. Unless I misread, the SDUT article says that you once worked there – which would explain (in part) your ongoing fondness for San Diego. Just curious*: was your stint with the SDUT before or after you worked in Fresno?
    * Read as “none of my beeswax,” if’n it ain’t.

  2. Christopher Hawley:

    I was a summer intern at the Tribune, when it was a separate newspaper, in 1990. I joined the Fresno Bee in 1991.

  3. #4: A couple of universes over, where John didn’t move to Ohio, he wrote both the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series.

    He is also a police detective.

  4. Weird to see Dayton Daily News articles again, now that I’ve finally escaped that city and made my way to the other side of the planet. Can’t say I miss it there. Other than being able to buy real cheese.

  5. Although my local paper is the San Francisco Chronicle, the DDN is my hometown paper. Perhaps we’ll pass at the airport one day…

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