Sunset, 7/20/11

What those of you in time zones West of here have to look forward to:

Note: Actual sunset may vary by location. Not responsible for rainouts.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

11 replies on “Sunset, 7/20/11”

Yes, vary it does. Mine in Vermont was very red behind a curtain of throwdown clouds that seemed to mock me and say “You’ve gotta fight…for your right…to enjoy the sunset.” (Idiot clouds didn’t realize that they were actively adding to my enjoyment. But what does a cloud know, amirite?)

We had a lovely one yesterday, too. The tail end of the Typhoon we had earlier in the day not only cooled the day down to Autumnal levels, but stirred the sky into a gorgeous display of gold and red crepuscular rays.

Please, please, please send rain to texas. We’ll take any form of moisture you can spare. Thank you for not mentioning that our governor is the reason hot air is collecting over Iowa. If you send rain as an added bonus you can either keep him or indict him on some scurrious charge, we really don’t care.

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