The Difference a Day Makes

There. Totally de-kewpiefied. I feel much better now.

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  1. I have roughly the identical hair style as you, which some may call a short buzz but I refer to as “balding while attempting to retain shred of dignity”.

    I have to take my trimmers to my head once or twice a week, otherwise I get this 1 – 2 cm long thing that my wife refers to as “ugly” and the bible refers to as “the abomination that causes desolation”.

    Does that phase not look as bad on you as it does on me?

  2. Meh.. you could’ve dolled up the longer hair with a sparkly baby barrette! :-P

  3. I got mine cut tonight also. Didnt go as short a you though. I always feel a bit more human after a haircut. Doesnt hurt either to have a woman running her hands through your hair for a few minutes. :)

  4. I hope and trust Bradford has a proper, main street barbershop with a stripey-pole and fifty year old barber chairs and old men and decades of well thumbed magazines. None of this Supercuts nonsense.

  5. This picture looks like it should have a thought bubble over it. That’s the title of a book. That you wrote.

    You could run a contest!

  6. Was your haircut done by a professional, by a family member or self inflicted? Just curious because mine are usually my own fault. I just broke out the flowbee the other day and used the shortest setting it has (1/2 inch or so) to refresh my “summer look” haircut. Not quite a buzz cut, but I like it. My wife laughs at me for “vacuuming my hair off” but for 5 minutes of my time and a few pennies of electricity, I’m good until September.
    Cheers & Happy Monkey,

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