Hey, Want To See Some Cool OMW Fan Art?

Then click here.

NOTE: The fan art, while very cool, also portrays a violent scene in the book, involving messy things happening to someone’s head. Be ready for the splatter.

The artist is Kat Harpin, and you can visit her Web site here.

This is also a fine time to link back to my policy on fan creations in my universes (which is, basically, have fun, you crazy kids).

9 Comments on “Hey, Want To See Some Cool OMW Fan Art?”

  1. So is that a Consu? Does it look like what you envisioned when you were writing the book?

    OMW is my fave of your books, hands down. I like the way you write action scenes.

  2. I’m less interested in how I envisioned the Consu (or any other species) than in how other people envision them. That’s one of the things that is fun about fan art.

  3. I knew that guy wouldn’t survive. Talked too much. Though not after that scene.

    And not quite how I envisioned the Consu, but my vision was hazy. And I think I like blue Consu.

  4. I’d say that’s less of a “splatter” and more of a “fwoomSPLOOSH”, but that’s just me. Very nice!

  5. I like it a lot. I thought quite awhile back we got to see a picture done by someone of the Consu, and it was just how I’d imagined it. Am I crazy, or does anyone else remember this?

  6. “Realistically, you do not fuck with people like that.”

    (I think I’m quoting that line right.)

    Not *too* far off my view of the Consu, as it happens.

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