Just For the Record

I did learn “Every Day I Write the Book” on ukulele today. After I turned my work, of course.

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  1. I demand a video of you playing Every Day I Write the Book. And then I demand to know what you were writing this week.

    Demand, demand, demand. (stamping widdle foot)

  2. How serendipitous! Today is the anniversary of the release of My Aim is True!

  3. Wowzer. I remember that old video. How very young he looks there. Not that he’s ancient now, at 56/57!

    Still one of my favorite voices.

  4. @7 Modern Dog: Punch the Clock is a great album? Really? I think it’s a huge letdown from Imperial Bedroom. The production values don’t serve his songs well, though the horror of those choices didn’t become fully clear until Goodbye Cruel World, a record that I don’t think anyone thinks much of. (Ah, but then he comes roaring back with King of America and Blood and Chocolate.) Even the hit from the record is kinda slight, to my ears.

    Probably fun to play, though.

  5. Actually, I’ve always loved Shipbuilding from that album as well as EDIWTB.

  6. By the way, just finished Fuzzy Nation today. LOVED IT. Especially the big reveal, and how the Fuzzies weren’t treated like somebody’s possessions/pets in your reboot. (For the record, I enjoyed Piper’s Little Fuzzy, as well.)

  7. The video! The video! At last, an opportunity to try out one of these lovely band names – even if only for a one-man-band!

  8. Next: “The Book of Love” by Magnetic Fields.

    After that, “the Pass” by Rush.

    And after that, the Art of Fugue (as performed on the ukulele)!

  9. I just learn Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits. Next will be No Woman No Cry. Have you been playing long?

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