Daily Archives: July 25, 2011

SFBC Video Interview of Yours Truly

Done while I was at BEA. I talk about Fuzzy Nation and upcoming projects, including the OMW movie. You know you want to watch. Also, before anyone gives me crap about it, that Pepsi One can was there because apparently the Javits Center outlawed Coca Cola products. I had to make do. The Science Fiction […]

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This is Supposed to be a HAPPY Occasion

Yes, I could rant at you today about the debt mess or the Norway bombings or Amy Winehouse not going to rehab, but you know what? Today I feel like not talking about any of that. So here, have some pictures of people getting married in New York yesterday. It makes me feel better about […]

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Facebook-Related Announcement

It’s been clear for some time that my Facebook presence was getting progressively unmanagable, so I’ve gone ahead and done something that I should have done a while ago, which was to convert my personal account there into a public page. That means everyone who was friend requesting me can now just click on the […]

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Personal Updatery, 7/25/11

Updates from the Scalzi Compound. * For those of you who wondered whether I hit my deadline last Friday: I did not. BUT — as my deadline was Friday afternoon and the editor wasn’t going to do anything with what I sent in until today at the earliest, I finished up on Saturday and as […]

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