Dogs and Cats Living Together: The Continuing Saga

There’s a lot of love in that picture. Also, a lot of napping.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I am probably over-reading animal expressions, but there might be a hint of “you see what I have to put up with” going on in the photo as well. Also: “Quit taking pictures of us so we can go back to napping. If you’re not going to feed us, that is. But I’m not interested enough to actually get up, moving my head slightly is quite enough thank you at this point.”

Sigh… I wish the quality was good enough to scan and post, but one of my fave pics i ever took was of my german shepard and the cat he brought home while it was still a tiny kitten. Up until he died, when ever he sprawled out on the ground or the porch or where ever, she would climb up on his back… walk around a couple times, and lay down on him. They would stay that way the whole time they were napping. She never let us get near her, but she followed him around all day every day, ate from the same dish, and more or less wandered around lost after he died.

The cat is saying, “look, I got the dog under my power, do you REALLY want to test me today human?” The dog, obviously a zombie under the control of the cat, has his tongue partially out in a dumb and expressionless gaze, helpless to resist the evil emanating from the cat.

#7: My husband and I have a king bed as well, and it’s juuust big enough to accomodate the two of us and our three cats. The other day I woke up with a cat on either side of me, so I was effectively pinned in place, and a cat on top of my head (he likes my king pillows). The cat on my right was screaming at me to get up and feed him, but didn’t immediately grasp the concept that if he didn’t move, I couldn’t get up.


I think Daisy looks like she’s weary of being the subject of your posts! LOL Her facial expression is priceless. “Oh my God, do you HAVE to show everyone that I consort with cats?”

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