Facebook-Related Announcement

It’s been clear for some time that my Facebook presence was getting progressively unmanagable, so I’ve gone ahead and done something that I should have done a while ago, which was to convert my personal account there into a public page. That means everyone who was friend requesting me can now just click on the “like” button and get access, which is a nice way to get around Facebook’s arbitrary and obnoxious 5k “friend” limit.

So if you’ve been waiting for me to friend you on Facebook, wait no longer! Just go over and “like” me and together we will happily traipse through the Facebook flower beds. Or something.

15 Comments on “Facebook-Related Announcement”

  1. You do lose some information. I did this to my author profile a couple of weeks ago, and you definitely sacrifice some functionality, along with some personal info – my wife is pissed ’cause it no longer lists me as being married to her (guess a “brand” can’t be married). But it is more manageable, and affords you a different sort of Facebook presence-a more professional one, IMO, that’s removed from the “friend” noise and chatter.

  2. But are we tearing through the flower beds, leaving carnage in our wake? I should like that, a bit of berserker frenzy this early in the morning.

  3. I’m already following you here, on Twitter and on Google+. Is there a reason to Like you over on FB, or do those three cover my bases well enough?

  4. Well, that’s why I always set project deadlines for first thing Monday morning (ie, 09:00 local time) unless otherwise directed.

    It is practically identical to COB Friday but gives you an extra couple of days to finish hacking (err, I mean, to polish your carefully crafted deliverable).

  5. CRAP! And that’s why I should never have multiple windows open. Was intended for your “weekend update” post above this one

  6. Sometimes I wish you just had a “Like” button on this blog. I always enjoy what you have to say, otherwise I wouldn’t be following this blog, but I don’t really have anything to add. I’d just like to be able to show my appreciation.
    I guess now I can do that by “Like”ing your Facebook page.

  7. So if someone’s not on Facebook, does that mean they’re not allowed to like you anymore?

  8. @Ravis There’s no reason that you can’t have both a page and a profile.

    Then you can add your actual friends, family, etc to the profile, but have the professional stuff on the page.

    That’s the way you’re supposed to do it, actually – I made a point of creating a page when I ran for office last year so I could keep all the stuff that related to the campaign there and not have it spill back on my personal presence. Though I did end up friending one of my opponents, as we got on surprisingly well.

  9. Well, I just checked my friends list and you’re still there, although I can see your pretty wall when I click over. Facebook confuses me.

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