SFBC Video Interview of Yours Truly

Done while I was at BEA. I talk about Fuzzy Nation and upcoming projects, including the OMW movie. You know you want to watch.

Also, before anyone gives me crap about it, that Pepsi One can was there because apparently the Javits Center outlawed Coca Cola products. I had to make do.

The Science Fiction Book Club’s YouTube Channel has other interviews too, including ones with Charlaine Harris and Scott Westerfeld. In case you feel like burning some more time watching authors talk. And I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

5 Comments on “SFBC Video Interview of Yours Truly”

  1. Nice to see that SFBC appears to be embracing the internet. I lost track of them in the 1990’s, but I’m glad to see they’re still in business.

  2. I come from a Pepsi family (my grandfather and father ran a route from Avon Park, FL to Orlando in its pre-Mouse days before WWII before wartime restrictions on gas, tires and sugar nailed them-and my dad being in North Africa working on B-24s didn’t help), so nary a Coke product darkened our doors until I married into a Coca-Cola family.