Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

A Sunset, Hot and Fresh

Better enjoy it now. They don’t keep.

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What It’s Like to Have Me For a Dad

My daughter is at ranch camp this week — which is not a camp where everything has been covered in delicious ranch dressing but rather a camp where the campers take care of their own horse for a week — and while the camp does not allow the campers to bring electronic equipment with them, […]

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Announcing Books Sent to Scalzi/NewBookIn Twitter Feed

So, as I have traveled and had deadlines recently, I am behind in noting which new books have arrived at my house — and with the volume of the books that are sent to me and the amount I travel, it seems unlikely that how I have been noting new book arrivals is going to […]

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The Big Idea: Chesya Burke

Titles: They can be simple. They can be difficult. They can be complex. They can be direct or mysterious. Sometimes they can be the hardest thing in an entire book to get right. But the right title can make a difference in how people see the book. When Chesya Burke decided on a title for […]

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