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So, as I have traveled and had deadlines recently, I am behind in noting which new books have arrived at my house — and with the volume of the books that are sent to me and the amount I travel, it seems unlikely that how I have been noting new book arrivals is going to allow me to catch up. The thing is, I like sharing what arrives with you folks, because it helps make you aware of books you might not otherwise know about, and I think that’s a good thing. So, that’s a conundrum.

My solution: I’m inaugurating a new Twitter feed to note the new books that come to my door, called “@NewBookIn.” It’s available both as its own Twitter feed (follow that previous link), and as a feature in the Whatever sidebar, under “Today’s Books Sent to Scalzi.” If you’re on the full version of the site, just look to the right and you’ll see it.

This works for me because it gives me a simple and quick way to log new books as they arrive and share those books with you. It works for you because a) it gives you a quick summation of what the book’s about plus a link to a bookseller to find out more, b) you can follow it either here, or on its own feed, meaning that it’s portable, which is good. Basically, whatever your busy, hectic lifestyle, I’m totally there for you, and your book-learnin’ jones.

Which books will I be noting? Basically, whatever books get sent to me that day, up to ten books a day (I don’t want to spam people’s Twitter feeds; any books left over may get bumped to the next day).  Here’s the information on how to send me books. Please note that I will as a rule prioritize books published by presses over self-published work, and that (as noted at the publicity guidelines) sending me a book is not a guarantee I will write about it.

I’ve already filled in today’s books, so check out the new Twitter feed, and feel free to follow it if you like. I guarantee you that you’ll learn about a whole bunch of books that you might not have otherwise heard of. And that’s always a good thing, for you and for authors.

By John Scalzi

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Yeah, I’ve been in the habit of posting phone pics of my mailbag arrivals to my FB and Twitter feeds too. It’s fun. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to reviewing a specific new title (so many books, so little time and all that), so this lets readers know right away what’s hot out of the oven, so to speak.

I keep recalling Spider Robinson’s horror story of the unstappable book deluge he suffered when he was a book reviewer.

(Although for such a devoted Heinlein fan it was odd he didn’t mention the possibility of using them to check erosion in gullies.)

Do you actually read all of these? This seems very close to James Patterson territory (“The New John Smith Book”, presented by John Scalzi).

When they send you the books, are they hoping that [i]YOU [/i]read them, or that [i]YOUR READERS[/i] read them having seen them on your site?

Michael Walsh@#8:

I think that is what our Twittering host would call a Zero World Problem – as in you get zero sympathy from anyone, anywhere. :)


John answered your questions in the FAQ he linked to above, but as a reader, yes, Whatever has brought a lot of books and authors to my attention. Won’t guarantee a berth on my already over-stuffed TBR list or further overdraft abuse, but it is a genuine case of any publicity being good publicity.

Yeah, I had the same thought. Joan D. Vinge? I don’t care for tie-ins, but heck yeah, I want to support her if she’s writing again.

Sure, and while media tie-ins aren’t my favourite waste of time, if the movie novelizations Vinge did in the 80’s brought her time to work on The Summer Queen, I can live with that. There are worse ways to pay for groceries (and medical bills), that’s for sure.

Had a thought when I saw this one in the list:

Thomas World, Richard Cox: A man begins to feel his life is stuck in an infinite, existential loop. In ARC, out Sept.

Someone wrote a book about that? I call that “Mondays”…

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