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Done Deal

“Bush, Obama pollsters see ‘dramatic’ shift toward same-sex marriage”: In a new polling memo intended to shape politicians’ decisions on the question of same-sex marriage, the top pollsters for Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama jointly argue that support for same-sex marriage is increasingly safe political ground and will in future years begin to […]

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Panels: They Are Not About You

Author and all-around decent person Michelle Sagara has a long post about how not to be a jerk on a science fiction convention panel (particularly if one is a new and/or self-published author), which I suggest you read if you a) ever desire to be on a science fiction convention panel and b) not be […]

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Being Boehner

Pretty much every day is a day I wake up glad not to be John Boehner, but today is one of those days I am especially so. The man has to attempt to reason with the ignorant nihilists that comprise his Tea Party wing, go up against the President of the United States in terms […]

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Comic Con Thoughts

For this week’s FilmCritic.com, I look at some of the movies that were touted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and let you know whether I felt they were awesome or… well, not awesome. How awesome is that? Pretty damn awesome. And now I’ve used my quota of the word “awesome” for the day. […]

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