Sunset 7/28/11

Cell phone cameras are getting better, aren’t they?

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

8 replies on “Sunset 7/28/11”

I would tell I’m jealous of your location but I’m afraid location has nothing to do with it. And my blindness and distraction, plenty… Great talent of yours.

#4. Of course he did color color correction. But it probably happened inside the cell phone, and automatically or semi-automatically.

Technology means anyone can take a good picture, even with the phone his pocket. But there’s still no substitute for knowing when to take the camera out, which way to point it, and which of the pictures to share, so that people say “Wow!”

By the way, “Wow!”

Hello, Wetwew, is that captured via ONLY phone? Really? Wow, even my android cannot take that view as clear as that. By the way, what phone do you use??

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