One of You Just HAD to Do It, Didn’t You

I mentioned the other day that between the Mac Air I just bought and the Mini Cooper we brought home a few months ago, I was only a man bag away from complete hipster bastardry, so of course one of those arrived today, a “gift” from a Whatever reader. Fine: Here I am, resplendent in my hipster bastardy. I hope you’re all happy.

Also, to the person who sent me the man bag: Fuck you, you will get yours. Love, me.

Updated Appearance Schedule

An update of my public appearances in the US and Canada through 2012 is now up and available here. Most of my appearances will be in the east and midwest, which may cause some grumbling, but hey, my last book tour was mostly in the west. I’m trying to spread myself around.

What’s not on the schedule yet are my German appearances this October (I have them, I just need to look at them and put them in) and the places and times when I plan to go somewhere but not as a public entity. Sometimes I just go to conventions to see friends, you know. It happens.

As always, the schedule is subject to change, but it’s unlikely I’ve be adding any more Guest of Honor events in either 2011 or 2012. I do have a book coming in June of 2012, and it’s possible I may do some touring on it, but there’s nothing scheduled right now, nor do I imagine any possible tour would be like the three-week haul I did earlier this year.

Also, as a very early head’s up, I’m currently planning not to do very many public appearances in 2013, mostly because all the travel I’ve been doing the last couple of years is kind of exhausting. We’ll see if that sticks — I said I was going to take it easy in 2010 and ended traveling nearly every month of the year, so look where that got me — but for now that’s the plan.


Why Attack the Block Isn’t a Blockbuster

The best-reviewed science fiction film to come out in theaters last week was not Cowboys and Aliens but Attack the Block — a film that it’s entirely possible that you didn’t know existed until right this very second, because it’s been shown on a total of eight screens in the US so far. Why is that, and is it fair? I tackle this question in this week’s column. Go over and find out the reasons this flick is little-seen — and if it has any chance of being better seen. Be sure to leave your comments there.