Updated Appearance Schedule

An update of my public appearances in the US and Canada through 2012 is now up and available here. Most of my appearances will be in the east and midwest, which may cause some grumbling, but hey, my last book tour was mostly in the west. I’m trying to spread myself around.

What’s not on the schedule yet are my German appearances this October (I have them, I just need to look at them and put them in) and the places and times when I plan to go somewhere but not as a public entity. Sometimes I just go to conventions to see friends, you know. It happens.

As always, the schedule is subject to change, but it’s unlikely I’ve be adding any more Guest of Honor events in either 2011 or 2012. I do have a book coming in June of 2012, and it’s possible I may do some touring on it, but there’s nothing scheduled right now, nor do I imagine any possible tour would be like the three-week haul I did earlier this year.

Also, as a very early head’s up, I’m currently planning not to do very many public appearances in 2013, mostly because all the travel I’ve been doing the last couple of years is kind of exhausting. We’ll see if that sticks — I said I was going to take it easy in 2010 and ended traveling nearly every month of the year, so look where that got me — but for now that’s the plan.


19 Comments on “Updated Appearance Schedule”

  1. So is 2013 the year Scalzi leads his hordes of hyper intelligent gerbils to world conquest?

  2. This seems to be the appripriate place to point out that Portland is actually quite beautiful this time of year through about mid-September. I would mention as well that we have great beer and you’d never have to pay for a drop of it, but that might be too obvious :-)

  3. You forgot the disturbing daily appearances in the kitchen. You know, when you eat frosting out of the container and pretend marshmallows are health food…

  4. That’s right, rest up in 2013. We on this side of the pond want you nice and healthy for London’s Worldcon in 2014. Mwahahaha…

  5. I see I am not the first to quibble over the minor things: the other website says Arlington and Silver Spring”s” is actually Silver Spring (singular)

  6. Why are you hating on Dixie? You know we love you south of the Mason-Dixon line, right?

  7. Thanks for coming back to the DC area twice! I’ve already added Capclave to my calendar. Get ready Scalzi, I’m bringing paperbacks to sign this year as well as whatever you release between now and then.

  8. John, we’re scheduling a Nebula Awards Weekend walk-through meeting at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, near Reagan National Airport for September. This is the first I’ve heard of Silver Spring being mentioned.

  9. CarolC there is a small matter of a vote in Chicago before we can claim a London Worldcon in 2014. I do however see a John Scalzi on the pre-supporters list.

  10. Looking forward to the German dates being added. Also looking forward to maybe meeting you and having A) met my first author B) asking for an autograph for the first time. I’d do it more often, but most of my favorite authors are dead. Probably should read more recent material… but hey. Don’t die until I get that autograph, deal? (you don’t have to die immediately after the autograph either, unless you really want to)

  11. @geoff thorpe

    Yeah, that “small” matter :-D But so far London is the only bid. And /want/ it to be in London. So that means it’s going to happen. Right?

  12. *sigh* I keep living in hope that you’ll get down the road to Louisville someday. Oh well, maybe next year.