Marissa Lingen Says Smart Things About Nominating and Voting on Books

And you can read them here.

Yup, that’s all I have to say.

A Couple Notes About Me

Go me!

* Lots of people e-mailed me yesterday to let me know Fuzzy Nation was featured on Unshelved, the comic strip about adventures in a library. Not only that, but Unshelved also featured a half-hour long audio interview of me! And yes, I knew about all of that. I was there for the interview, actually — it wasn’t just someone sounding like me. You should check out both the strip and the interview.

* Megan Rosalarian has an interesting take on The God Engines, the substance of which is a bit spoilery for those of you who have not read it, so take that under advisement before you link through (those of you who have read TGE will obviously not have a problem). I take her point, and I’d note that if there ever came a time where I expanded TGE to novel length, I could see a few places where there would be an opportunity to do what she’s asking after, in a way that serves the story. In the novella itself, there wasn’t really space to do it and keep the story at the length and with the pacing I wanted for it, outside a particular character whose qualities in this regard I left intentionally ambiguous.

(I suppose I’ll note now that if anyone comments on Ms. Rosalarian’s post in the comments, the comments themselves will also be spoilery. You are warned!)