Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

SFWA Presidential Quarterly Report

If you are a member of SFWA, you may view my quarterly presidential report in our private forums here. Please have a look. If you are not a member of SFWA, here’s David Bowie singing “Starman” back in 1973. To be clear, SFWA members may also watch that video, if they wish. (Comments here are […]

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Lord knows I’m not a fan of Michelle Bachmann, whose politics I would best describe as “opportunistically insane,” nor have I avoided commenting on her crazy, crazy eyes in the past, because, damn, the lady brings the crazy eyes. For all of that, this particular picture of Ms. Bachmann on the cover of Newsweek seems […]

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My (Current) Renovation/Worldcon Schedule

For those of you hoping to meet me/stalk me/gaze adoringly into my eyes whilst you savor my every word at Renovation, this year’s Worldcon, here is my current schedule. Note please that it includes one item which will be on the published schedule that I will not be at, and one item that is not […]

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