Tonight’s Cloudscapes

At sunset, starting southeast and moving west.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

16 replies on “Tonight’s Cloudscapes”

Ah, midwest cloud formations are awesome, literally awesome. Huge thunderheads that start just above the land and go ten, twenty, and maybe even thirty thousand feet up. Makes you inhale a little and go woah.

Either the sky is falling or that is just a gorgeous peaceful sight. Not a bad way to close out the day. Thanks for sharing a little slice of heaven.

Lovely sharp images there, excellent detail. Great job, excellent camera!

And for those considering an upgrade, I haven’t regretted going with a Canon G12 on the recommendation of a number of Ski Diva folks. I wanted something easy to haul along skiing, wouldn’t freak out from the cold, and would fit in a pocket (hey, ski parkas and ski pants have big pockets, at least the ilk I buy). The coolness is that the Canon is the best camera I’ve owned since I had the Minolta X700 film camera.

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