Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Also, Damn

I have completed and have had published (or definitively have had scheduled for publication) 16 books since November, 2000. This doesn’t include METAtropolis (which I edited and wrote one fifth of), The God Engines and The Sagan Diary; if you include them because they are stand-alone projects, it’s 19. That’s, you know. Not bad for […]

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New Book News

I just signed the contract and mailed it in, so I’ll go ahead and announce it: Next year I’ll have a new non-fiction book out, namely a collection of my AMC/FilmCritic.com columns. The book will be out from NESFA Press, in conjunction with my appearance as Guest of Honor at the Boskone 49 science fiction […]

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Oscar, Meet Andy

In this week’s FilmCritic.com column I write an open letter to the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. About what? About how it’s time they give Andy Serkis an Oscar, that’s what. My reasoning for this special Oscar is detailed there, so go and check it out, and always […]

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