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I just signed the contract and mailed it in, so I’ll go ahead and announce it: Next year I’ll have a new non-fiction book out, namely a collection of my AMC/ columns. The book will be out from NESFA Press, in conjunction with my appearance as Guest of Honor at the Boskone 49 science fiction convention in Boston, in February. I’ve already turned in the manuscript, which is in the process of being whittled down to manageable length. No title yet; I’ll have to think of something clever. But I’m happy about this book; I’ve had a lot of fun writing the movie columns so it’ll be nice to have them down in a permanent form.

More details about the book as it goes through the process — which is to say: this is what I have to announce about the book now, if it’s not addressed here the answer to the question you’re going to ask is “I don’t know yet.” Trust me, I’ll tell you when I know things. I am happy to say, however, that it does mean 2012 is a two book year, one fiction and one non-fiction. I like years like that.

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  1. Congrats! That is very cool news. I only just started reading your columns but am finding them immensely enjoyable and for the most part in line with my own tastes in movies.

  2. Congrats! That will make a fine gift for all the John Scalzi collectors out there. And NESFA makes a very good product that holds up well over time. :)

    Of course, I’m more excited about your fiction release, but that’s because a) I like fiction and b) I’ve read most of your AMC/ columns already. ;-)

  3. I was at one of the readings where you read from the Top Secret Novel I Will Not Describe Because I Promised I Wouldn’t. I am really, really looking forward to reading it. Now I have another thing to look forward to.

    Two good books to read! In the SAME year! 2012 is shaping up to be a peach.

  4. I found you through the AMC/ column, so this is good news for me. If there was also a DVD of the AMC SciFi Dept. Videos, that would make me very happy.

  5. Maybe you could call it “The Cellulose Teat” – or would you be worried about a lawsuit from Harlan?

  6. Awesome! Would love to know when the name and maybe a sentence long description of the fiction book will be announced (not to knock your AMC columns, but I already done read those in real time).

  7. You were right – Temporary Duty is the best recent Sci Fi in years! Also, a tip of the hat to EE “Doc” Smith, my childhood hero, and of course to this certain Scalzi fellow who is in the same league… keep writing and I will keep contributing in exchange for the enjoyment.

  8. Congratulations John – I look forward to adding it to the Scalzi collection in my home. :)

  9. Good for you but the greatest hits of a free website thing is kind of lost on me. Why would anyone want to buy something like that? New fiction, if not a reboot/reimagining of some previous work sounds good though.

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