Saturdays Are For Not Being Here

Or at least this Saturday is. Later!

11 Comments on “Saturdays Are For Not Being Here”

  1. I suppose now you will not get any of the cake/pie/dessert of your choice that we brought/bought/made for you and were going to share with everyone. Now we are just going to share it amongst ourselves and not let you have any :P

  2. Hope you had a nice day. For me, Saturday was about celebrating a friend turning 30 and now it’s half an hour into Sunday in my little corner of the world. It was a nice day and I hope that yours was/is too.

  3. …hrmmm…

    well, for me saturday was for moving all of my stuff from the old apartment to the new apartment… so, whatever you did must have been better and therefore, I’ll trade with you!

    btw, where in the heck did I get all this STUFF?!?!?!?

  4. John, I just read chapter 20 and it made me cry (I think you can guess which book). John Scalzi books are not supposed to make me cry. I’m very upset.

    Of course, now I have to stay up and read the rest of the book tonight, because I’m sure justice and vindication are at the end of the novel. I’ll give my boss your e-mail address when he catches me sleeping on the job tomorrow.

    Seriously, though, you caught me off guard. Good job, and thank you for the entertainment.

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