Apparently Sundays Are For Not Being Here Either

Although in the case of this particular Sunday, it is mostly about me being asleep most of the day. Damn it, I better not be coming down with something, I have to go to Worldcon in two days. I wish not to be this year’s Worldcon Vector of Infection™. I think I’ll go lay down some more.

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  1. A late relative of mine used to say that a man who doesn’t know the difference between a lay and a lie will have trouble in life. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. definition of lay
    transitive verb
    1: to beat or strike down with force
    2a : to put or set down b : to place for rest or sleep; especially : bury
    3: to bring forth and deposit (an egg)
    4: calm, allay
    5: bet, wager
    6: to press down giving a smooth and even surface
    7a : to dispose or spread over or on a surface b : to set in order or position c : to put (strands) in place and twist to form a rope, hawser, or cable; also : to make by putting strands in place and twisting
    8a : to impose as a duty, burden, or punishment b : to put as a burden of reproach c : to advance as an accusation : impute
    9: to place (something immaterial) on something
    10: prepare, contrive
    11a : to bring against or into contact with something : apply b : to prepare or position for action or operation ; also : to adjust (a gun) to the proper direction and elevation
    12: to bring to a specified condition
    13a : assert, allege b : to submit for examination and judgment
    14often vulgar : to copulate with

    meh, it is possible that he is laying …

  3. Beat that virus!
    BTW, I just finished the OWM series and I’m starting Android’s Dream next, then I’ll have finished all your novels. Great stuff.

  4. Well, if we hear about the plague spreading through Worldcon, we’ll know what happened. Hope you feel better!

  5. I clicked to comment about lay/lie, and apparently this thread is PedantCon. There are worse things than having an educated readership.

  6. I was sick last week and I posted a couple times. Maybe I sent you the bug, but with both both of us having Macs I wasn’t worried about passing you a virus!

  7. @Ronald Grant/12: What if Scalzi is an alien invader? Then your Mac is definitely uploading a virus!

  8. Apropos of nothing, here’s a threadjack: I find it interesting that SPOILER ALERT!!…

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Fuzzy Nation have very similar “oh, shit!” moments.

  9. I assumed John was stuffing a pillow, laying down so he would sleep better.

    You people have sick minds.

  10. Way to fend off those stalkers. I see your plan.

    More seriously, hope you feel better soon. I came down with H1N1 swine flu at my last WorldCon, and I wish it on no one.

  11. Clearly sleeping-all-day-itis can be transferred over the Internet. I blame YOU, Scalzi!

  12. Safe travels, and see you in a few days, John! If you still feel icky when you get to Reno, let me know. I have some stuff from the UK that I swear by (mostly B vitamins, no herbal stuff) since using it when I started feeling bad in Melbourne. Didn’t miss much of the con (1/2 day of sleeping), and since then I’ve used it regularly and didn’t get sick once this winter (which is miraculous). I shall be happy to give some to my Toastmaster. :)

  13. Hope you’re feeling better now John. You have a big week ahead of you. (I recommend rest, vitamins, and lots of OJ when feeling a bit out of sorts)

  14. I am totally with you on wishing you not to be sick. To be consumed for betterness: zinc, garlic, 4000 mg of vitamin C, fish oil, chicken soup, and avocados.

    Because who doesn’t like avocados?

  15. John, I have absolute faith in your lay-downing ability.

    Re lay down vs lie down: A good case can be made for the former being sufficiently prevalent as to constitute a legitimate construction.

    A friend of mine recently badgered me into shifting my idiom to the “correct” version, but she uses “you know” as a form of punctuation, so I’m feeling a strong urge to revert.

    I trust, John, that living in Ohio hasn’t caused you to pick up the structure “needs [verb past participle],” e.g. “The shirt needs mended.” It’s quaint, but I can’t defend that one.

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