This Week in Whatever

As many of you know, tomorrow I am off to Renovation, this year’s Worldcon, where I will sit on panels and talk about science fiction, lead SFWA’s business meeting, attend the Hugos and many other parties, and hang out in the bar with friends. That’s a packed schedule of Being Busy in the Real World, so it’s possible I will not be on Whatever a whole lot this week and/or the posts will be somewhat short when I am. As partial compensation for my absence I will be running an extra Big Idea this week (three! Instead of two!) and will likely blather on quite a bit on Twitter. I hope that will keep you suitably entertained for the week. If it does not, of course you will be offered a full refund on your purchase price, or credit for future Whatever use, your choice.

9 Comments on “This Week in Whatever”

  1. So Renovation will not be know as the Scalzpocalypse? Where the latest super flu was named fluzi in response to your being patient zero?

  2. Worldcon, the vacation that is almost like work. (for attendees… it IS work for presenters)
    I love every one I’ve been to.
    It’s always fun to hear your favorite authors talk about stuff, in person.

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