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Worth Promoting to Its Own Post: Notes on Arguing

Here’s a comment I made in a thread, which I am promoting to its own post (with some edits for context) because I think it says something relevant about discussions here, especially (but not limited to) political ones: 1. One is entitled to one’s own opinions, but not one’s own facts. Commensurately, anecdote may be fact […]

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And Now, the View From the Hotel Window

They finally let me into my room, which was nice of them, so here’s the view out the window, which isn’t bad and gets nicer the further out you get. I think that this is my first time in Reno in close to 30 years, which means that it’s really my first time here since […]

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In Reno

But don’t have my room yet, so I’m loitering in the second floor lounge-y area at the Atlantis. So no picture from my hotel room yet, for obvious reasons. The Atlantis hotel is slot-tastic, but then, gas stations here are slot-tastic, so. The convention center is nice and a bit of a hike from the […]

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The Big Idea: Ernest Cline

At this point in your life, you have either lived through the 80s, or lived through enough 80s nostalgia to make you feel like you lived through the 80s. But now comes Ready Player One, a novel that takes nostalgia for the Cosby Era to perhaps its ultimate expression. For author Ernest Cline, the book […]

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