And Now, the View From the Hotel Window

They finally let me into my room, which was nice of them, so here’s the view out the window, which isn’t bad and gets nicer the further out you get. I think that this is my first time in Reno in close to 30 years, which means that it’s really my first time here since I don’t remember that time when I was 13 very well. Right off the bat it seems like what would happen if you gave Glendale casinos. Except for the smoking part. They still apparently allow smoking in the casinos because, well. Why wouldn’t they, I guess.

I don’t suspect I’ll be up very late here tonight; I’m still on East Coast time and I woke up at 3:30 am plus I traveled a lot today, so I’m just a little swacked. Plus big day tomorrow: Worldcon begins. If you don’t hear from me again today it’s because I’m unconscious. Try to find a way to carry on.

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  1. Yay for the Atlantis, (my husband works there in IT) Reno, and WorldCon! :-) You’re actually very lucky – the weather is supposed to be gorgeous (read: not too hot, not to cold) and clear. Sometimes this time of year it can still be yucky hot. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, and La Vecchia just down the street (Virginia) toward the Peppermill is the awesome-est Italian place… handmade pasta! Also the Steakhouse, Bistro Napa, and the oyster bar in the Sky Terrace are all highly reccomended…and you don’t have to leave the hotel.

  3. Oh, how I wish I were able to attend WorldCon as it goes on in that city next to my city, but alas.

    The Atlantis is nice for a casino, though. There’s an excellent little New York Deli tucked in back next to the sports book if you can find it. The prices are a little high (not too bad) but the amount of food is … large. And it’s well-made.

    As far as smoking: They have improved the blowers, so the smoke is generally manageable even by someone asthmatic, however I would recommend not going down to the card tables.

  4. Make sure to try the best burger in Nevada while you’re in Reno! :) It’s called Awful-Awful because it’s “awful big and awful good.” They serve it at the Little Nugget downtown – it’s right next to what’s left of the Fitzgerald’s. You’ll *love* it.

  5. Long-time reader, first-time poster. Welcome to Reno! Definitely second the suggestions of the Awful Awful downtown and the Manhattan Deli in Atlantis. Had I not followed this blog I might not have ever found out that Worldcon was here. It’s not been mentioned in the local press at all that I’ve seen until 2 days ago, and that was hard to find. So thanks for coming!

  6. John, you didn’t know that Nevada is California’s smoking section? It’s better than it used to be. There are no-smoking areas in some of the casinos and they’ve improved the ventilation.

  7. You can almost see my house in that photo … I’m just behind the slightly darker ridge to the upper right.

    Enjoy the con, John! For both of us.

  8. I’ll be there relatively late Thursday night (10-ish if all goes well, I’m taking a 50-mn flight from KC to Sky Harbor in Phoenix, then a long break and short flight to Reno.

    I’ll at least say hi! if I get a chance.

  9. I have read several of your novels and enjoyed them very much. I am 72 years old so the Old Man’s War really hit the spot! I read mostly on my kindle so I have been reading Your Hate Mail…..I enjoy your writing very much. My daughter is there at the conference and I would like to be.

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